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Main contact number Customer Service
0844 80 81 82

Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
(Swiss fixed network local rate / mobile rates charged by the provider)

Customer Service International
+41 58 340 18 80

Employees sent to work abroad, cross-border commuters and pensioners with a point of contact abroad
Call us from abroad (Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.)
(Swiss fixed network local rate / mobile rates charged by the provider)

Emergency number
+41 58 340 16 11

Our emergency call centre is available to assist you around the clock if you suffer a medical emergency while abroad.
(Swiss fixed network local rate / mobile rates charged by the provider)

Emergency psychological support
+41 58 340 16 11

For professional assistance following a traumatic event. An emergency psychologist will call you back within 24 hours and provide you with advice – with the utmost confidentiality guaranteed.
(Swiss fixed network local rate / mobile rates charged by the provider)

Case adviser for hospital and rehabilitation
0844 80 81 82

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our products for immigrants first-class insurance cover in swiss quality helsana offers immigrants just what they expect of a professional health insurer that is a leader in its field first-class insurance cover outstanding services and personal advice – all of them in swiss quality and at attractive prices we extend you a very warm welcome to switzerland and are there for you with our expertise and our experience gained over 100

committed to customised solutions compulsory basic insurance the foundation for your health swiss law requires everyone living in switzerland to take out health insurance this – called compulsory basic insurance – covers all basic health benefits provided in the canton where the insured person lives and the place where they work basic insurance benefits are provided by private health insurers and are the same no matter who provides them because they are subject to precise rules laid down in the federal health insurance act kvg if you’re employed by a single employer and work at least 8 hours a week for them they will automatically insure you against accidents under the federal act on accident insurance uvg so you can take out compulsory health insurance without accident cover without needing to worry about it premiums even though the benefits provided are always the same the premiums vary depending on where you live your age and the health insurer you’re

voluntary supplementary insurance useful additions as switzerland’s leading health insurer helsana has an extensive range of supplementary insurance policies providing cover customised to meet your own needs acceptance procedure supplementary insurance is voluntary when you apply for supplementary insurance health insurers are allowed to ask you about your state of health supplementary insurance benefits vary from one health insurer to another supplementary outpatient insurance top and sana supplementary outpatient insurance cover such things as benefits for alternative medicine non-standard medication glasses and contact lenses dental treatment etc helsana’s completa and dentaplus offer you supplementary outpatient insurance cover that meets the most demanding standards arrange a consultation supplementary hospital insurance policies we offer a wide range of hospital insurance policies and the three most important ones are hospital eco for free choice of hospital

do you want to know more further information on this subject helsana.ch/immigrants would you like advice over the phone if you have any questions or would like to receive personal advice our multilingual advisory team would be happy to take your call you can reach us from monday to friday 8 a.m to 6 p.m by phone on +41 43 340 91 47 would you prefer a personal consultation in your local area committed to satisfied customers helsana group p.o box 8081 zurich the helsana group comprises helsana insurance company ltd helsana supplementary insurance ltd helsana accidents ltd and progrès insurance company ltd this product brochure is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a binding offer the helsana group reserves the right to modify the information contained therein hel-01204-en-0317-0003-38810 visit us at an office close to you the addresses of our 22 general agencies and 19 points of sale can be found at