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Catalog Classic trailed sprayer 2016

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classic trailed sprayer working widths 18 36 m tank capacity 4.000 l 5.000 l and 5.800

standard equipment at the highest level isobus-terminal as a standard the trailed sprayer classic is equipped with an isobus job computer the operation via a universal isobus terminal and the joystick is clear and easy the system can be upgraded with further apps such as section-control vario-select … ® the interaction of pump injector and induction centre the robust self-priming piston diaphragm pump provides a suction performance of up to 1000 l/min with the aid of the injector this makes the filling of a tank with 4000 l capacity within 5 minutes possible the injector ensures the suction of solids from the induction centre into the tank through the vacuum suction with a suction performance of 310l/min the induction centre has a capacity of 60 l and is supplied with fresh water while filling for cleaning diluting and removing clumpings classic all valves are located centrally on the induction centre and ensure an easy handling of the trailed sprayer classic nocton the

® the dammann tank is easily cleanable with the installed cleaning nozzles due to its special gelcoated surface and the established rectangular form with a deep outlet and 10 safety reserve the well-placed baffles ensure additional security when braking and avoid accidental weight shifting of the content the fresh water tank integrated in the tank has a capacity that is enough for the cleaning of the whole device and is installed centrally nozzle carrier and nozzle pipe the classic trailed sprayer is equipped with an electropneumatic single nozzle carrier and a 1/2“ va nozzle line the trailed sprayer is equipped with a pressure pipe cleaning system the spray liquid can be sprayed from every nozzle at the same time without delays the division of the sections is customized after the customers needs 5 to 12 sections are available and are included in the basic price depending on the boom width g boom the specially formed g boom has been developed to protect the nozzles with its

® dcd distance control dammann ® the new fully automatic boom control from dammann dcd is the first boom control that unifies two control elements into one to benefit from the advantages of both elements dcd uses the hydraulics and pneumatics to control the boom the hydraulics sets the boom into the desired position and the pneumatics is used for the repositioning of the boom into the right position the boom position is controlled by four ultrasound sensors and an angle potentiometer an additional gyroscope records the gravitational forces that occur when passing curves the handling of dcd is simple and quick the controlling can be selected and adjusted at any time with only a few buttons the working and clearance height is adjustable with centimeter precision in the terminal the user doesn’t have to adjust the boom manually into the desired position this is operated by the terminal in the boom control following controlling elements of the fully automatic boom control are

® hd-night lux option led spraying cone lighting „hd-night lux“ with obstacle finder every switched on spraying cone is lighted by an led light this way the driver has the visual control of the function of the nozzles the obstacle finder lights the obstacles the remaining field is lighted slightly this way the driver has a clear view of the obstacles and the field is not overexposed nozzle carrier options three additional optional nozzle carriers are available » three-fold nozzle carrier » tandem nozzle carrier » quattro nozzle carrier dammann isobus the standard trailed sprayer classic is equipped with an isobus job comupter and the dammann basic-terminal the basic equipment can be upgraded with many optional upgrades we can only mention a few examples please read the brochure dammann isobus-system to receive further information dammann isobus-terminals besides the basic-terminal we can offer further terminals » dammann mc1-terminal »large display

the rotating stirring and cleaning rrw the rrw is the intelligent solution that is mounted in the tank the stirring and cleaning system is mounted centrally on the lower part of the tank this shaft is equipped with special nozzles that are used for the stirring and cleaning of the tank while stirring the shaft is swiveling from the left to the right the swiveling height is adjusted to the filling level of the tank which avoids foam formation in the process of cleaning the nozzle rotates 360 degrees and cleans the whole tank as tests of the jki have proven ® closed porch option the closed porch protects the pump armatures and steering the dual-air-system d-a-s option die intelligente lösung für den umweltbewussten Ökonomen the declared goal of herbert dammann gmbh is to support precise economic and environmentally friendly plant protection the 40 years long experience of constructioning plant protection machines is visible in the new dual-air-system developed by herbert

® steering drawbar option the dammann steering shaft ensures a true track following of the trailed sprayer classic in the tramline led working lights option the machine can be equipped with two or four led working lights when selecting two working lights the lights are mounted on the middle frame when selecting four working lights one light is mounted on every second boom external cleaning option dammann offers three possible options for external cleaning » washing brush with hose reel » vario spray pipe with hose reel 15 bar » high pressure cleaner with hydraulically driven hose reel measurements and weights type anp 4024 anp 4027 anp 4028 anp 4030 anp 4036 anp 5024 anp 5027 anp 5030 anp 5036 anp 5036/3 anp 5824 anp 5830 anp 5836 anp 5836/3 length 7400 mm 7400 mm 7400 mm 7900 mm 9000 mm 7500 mm 7500 mm 7500 mm 9000 mm 7400 mm 7400 mm 7500 mm 9000 mm 7400 mm width 2550 mm 2550 mm 2550 mm 2550 mm 2550 mm 2550 mm 2550 mm 2550 mm 2550 mm 3000 mm 2750 mm 2550 mm 2550 mm 3000

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