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Catalog DAMMANN-trac 2016

The special class of self-propelled sprayers

benz om 250 hp hydraulic motor hydrostatic drive mercedes benz e 210 mercedes benz 210 piston vacuum pump type iv engine link chain lifting capacitys sprayers buxtehude r46 200h r38 demountable position potentiometer gyroscope sensor terminal vario vario terminal rectangular tank hydrostatic drive pump 5000 hp pump spray nozzle element boom connector mercedes 280 portal axle nad electronics hydrostatic drive motor mercedes w 210 gsm products water pipe l shape 4000 series motors 8 x 25 4 pneumatic wheel

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dt 2500h s4 dt 2000h s4 „highlander“ dt 3200h 3a s4 engine power kwhp 180 kw 245 hp 180 kw 245 hp 230 kw 313 hp type of engine mtu 6r1000 mercedes benz om 936 mtu 6r1000 mercedes benz om 936 mtu 6r1000 mercedes benz om 936 exhaust type eu level iv und eu level iv und eu level iv power unit 4 hydr wheel motors 4 hydr wheel motors 6 hydr wheel motors fuel tank 250 l 250 l 380 l ad blue tank 25 l 25 l 40 l speed 0 40 km/h ® ground clearance 1100 mm standard wheels 380/90 r46 159 a8 1150 1900 mm 1050 mm 340/85 r48 152 a8 520/85 r42 dammann-trac track width 1850 2250 mm fix 2250 3050 mm 2000 -2250 mm fix steered axle front front and rear first and third length 7850 mm 7450 mm 9500 mm width 2550 mm 2600 mm 2550 mm high 3700 mm 3750 mm 3700 mm total wight 18 t 15 t 25 t hydraulic system 200 l/min hydraulic pump with ls control block 2 double 2 single control devices with 6 connectors open circulation for a hydraulic motor 55 l min adjustable 280 l/min hydraulic pump with

dammann-trac dt 2800h ecodrive™ the product range of the dammann trac’s is supplemented with the economic quicker and more quiet hydrostatic self-propelled dammann-trac dt 2800h ecodrive™ sonderklasse it is equipped with new wheel motors a hydraulic pump and an innovational intelligent control device for the drive the control device controls the engine speed of the mtu 6r1000 diesel engine this ensures that only the required performance is used for the hydraulic propulsion enginer drive manufacturer mtu type 6r1000 performance 180 kw 245 ps ® emission level eu level iv manufacturer poclain wheel motor type mhp fuel tank 250 l adbluetank 25 l speed 50 km/h ground clearance 1100 mm tyres 380/90 r50 vf track widths 1850 2250 mm controlled axles front axle opt both axles length 7850 mm width 2550 mm height 3700 mm permitted total weight 18 t hydraulic devicege 200 l/min adjustable pump with ls control block 2 dw 2 ew control valves with 6 plug connections open

® vi dammann-trac dt 527 the tradition continues the new mechanic dammann-trac based on the unimog u 527 the pioneer of the self-propelled plant protection machines offers with the dammann-trac dt 527 the first standard euro vi engine in the agriculture the advantages of the mechanical drive are combined with the economical consumption and tractive power in hilly terrain eu antrieb manufacturer mercedes-benz type om 936 la performance 200 kw 272 ps emission level euro 6 fully synchronised daimler 8-gear eps control gear mechanic 4-wheel drive sprung portal axles pneumatic disc brakes fuel tank 250 l adbluetank 25 l speed 50 km/h ground clearance 1000 mm tyres 520/85 r42 more options possible 2000 mm track widths 2000 mm controlled axles rear axle additional steering option length 7400 mm width 2550 mm height 3550 mm permitted total weight max 15,5 t depending on option hydraulic device load-sensing pump max 110 l min working widths 24 36 m possible tank capacity up tol 5000 l

dammann-trac dt 2500 h s4 the self propelled sprayer with hydrostatic drive for gentle treatment of crops with plant protection and fertilizer 30 years of experience in producing self-propelled sprayers and more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing plant protecting sprayers are connected in dammann-trac‘s the growing demands of the units and the effort are shown in our dammann-trac trends like saving time saving plant protection products and saving working time have been and will be oue goal because of the climate and stress of the soil we have to be flexible today for nearly everything our big number of options allows dammann to customize the dammann-trac for our client it doesn‘t matter if we talk about track width wheels loading space or something else the dt 2500 h s4 can be fitted with 4 5 or 6.000 liters tank capacity ® useing the diect contat tot he electronic factory it is possible to have different handlings like sectione control distance control or gsm

® dammann-trac dt 3200 h 3a s4 manoeuvrability with 3 axles the dammann-trac dt 3200 h has a circle tur of 6.25 meters useing standard tyres 480/80 r38 with track width 2.25 meters due to tyres size and track the circle turn can change 6,25 m dammann-trac the big one of dammann the 3 axle dammann-trac dt 3200 h makes a clout tank capacity up to 12.000 liters means effective work for big agriculture crop land he connects clout and manoeuvrability because of the tank and his 2 steering axles all 6 wheels are propelled by hydraulic

esz-keypad and sprayer-keypad the new keypads for the dammann-trac the new keypads make the use of the mounted plant protection machine easier the keypads are positioned near the induction centre so that the switching functions are available for the user on the outside of the cabin this user-friendly feature is available in two versions the 4-button esz keypad and the 8-button sprayer keypad the lighted buttons are configurable to your wishes and desires you can transfer the desired switching combinations from the cabin to the induction centre the lifting and lowering of the induction centre the working lights and the switching-on of the pump and other functions can be switched on the induction centre ® the new dammann-trac cabin the new cab is characterized by supreme comfort and better ergonomics an air suspension seat with many adjustment visibility clear and easy-to-use terminals the armrest with integrated controls guarantees a comfortable and relaxed workplace for a second

profi-class demountable sprayer for dammann-trac the established profi-class sprayer of dammann is the perfect complement to the dammanntrac‘s with tank capacity from 4000 to 12000 liters it covers the entire dammann-trac program the profi-class structures are accurately adjusted to the dammann-trac so that they form a unit at work the sprayer can be adapted to any customer therefore only a few examples of the options dammann offers its customers will be shown because each plant protection sprayer is built the way the customer needs it iisobus-terminal the sprayer profi-class is equipped with an isobus job computer as a standard the operation via a universal isobus terminal and the joystick is clear and easy ® the system can be upgraded with further apps such as section-control vario-select … the interaction of pump injector and induction centre dammann-trac the robust self-priming piston diaphragm pump provides a suction performance of up to 1000 l/min with the aid of

® gel-coated gfk tank the dammann tank is easily cleanable with the installed cleaning nozzles due to its special gelcoated surface and the established rectangular form with a deep outlet and 10 safety reserve the well-placed baffles ensure additional security when braking and avoid accidental weight shifting of the content the fresh water tank integrated in the tank has a capacity that is enough for the cleaning of the whole device and is installed centrally nozzle carrier and nozzle pipe the profi-class trailed sprayer is equipped with an electropneumatic tandem nozzle carrier and a 1/2“ va nozzle line the trailed sprayer is equipped with a pressure pipe cleaning system the spray liquid can be sprayed from every nozzle at the same time without delays the division of the sections is customized after the customer’s needs 5 to 12 sections are available and are included in the basic price depending on the boom width g boom lift mast the stable lift mast ensures a

® dcd distance control dammann the new fully automatic boom control from dammann ® dcd is the first boom control that unifies two control elements into one to benefit from the advantages of both elements dcd uses the hydraulics and pneumatics to control the boom the hydraulics sets the boom into the desired position and the pneumatics is used for the repositioning of the boom into the right position the boom position is controlled by four ultrasound sensors and an angle potentiometer an additional gyroscope records the gravitational forces that occur when passing curves when developing dcd we focused on keeping the dammann g-boom unchanged to maintain the durability of the dammann machines we guarantee the possibility of refitting all machines in circulation the refitting of dcd is possible at any time the handling of dcd is simple and quick the controlling can be selected and adjusted at any time with only a few buttons the working and clearance height is adjustable with

® the rotating stirring and cleaning system rrw the rrw is the intelligent solution that is mounted in the tank the stirring and cleaning system is mounted centrally on the lower part of the tank this shaft is equipped with special nozzles that are used for stirring and cleaning the tank while stirring the shaft is swiveling from the left to the right the swiveling height is adjusted to the filling level of the tank which avoids foam formation in the process of cleaning the nozzle rotates 360 degrees and cleans the whole tank as tests of the jki have proven the dammann procontrol the procontrol option is a systemfrom remote control of the isobus terminal in the vehicle remote control of the valves on the machine pre-programmed work cleaning processes and the procontrol option is designed to recurring workflows easy to control workflows can be here procontrol of the terminal to the syringe as well as control in the cab at the terminal the operator does not need to get out of the

the dual-air-system d-a-s option the intelligent solution for the environmentally conscious economist the declared goal of herbert dammann gmbh is to support precise economic and environmentally friendly plant protection the 40 years long experience of constructioning plant protection machines is visible in the new dual-air-system developed by herbert dammann gmbh it is characterized by the double air routing in front of the nozzle and at the back of the nozzle which stabilizes the spraying jet arguments that speak for the dual-air-system » low drift when spraying low crops and bare soil » bigger independence of the weather effects – time windows for operations are increased » higher driving speed which increases the area efficiency » constant agent build-up in the crop » better crop penetration especially for special plantations such as vegetables salad or potatoes » the substance is sprayed onto the target surface even in higher crops due to the strong air