Land-Cruiser Trailed sprayer 2016 by Herbert Dammann

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Catalog Land-Cruiser Trailed sprayer 2016

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® land-cruiser trailed sprayer working widths 15 28 m tank capacity 3000 l and 4000

trailed sprayer land-cruiser the trailed sprayer land-cruiser 25 km/h with a tank capacity of 3000 and 4000 litres and working widths from 15 to 28 metres the perfect getting in onto the trailer the impact is increased due to the high tank capacity due to the suspension on three axles a better ground protection and ground clearance can be achieved due to the weight distribution the required pulling force stays low and the sprayer can be pulled by smaller tractors ® spray computer spraydos spraydos is a clear control unit for the land-cruiser it’s a computer and controlling device rolled into one the spraying quantity is calculated precisely and controlled the spraying quantity is adjusted automatically to the speed at the same time all operations are controlled via the equal pressure control unit deichsel stable drawbar with upper clevistype coupling in the hitch of the tractor the piston diaphragm pump driven by the p.t.o shaft is located centralyl on the drawbar and

nozzle carrier and nozzle pipe the dammann container can be cleaned easily with the mounted cleaning nozzles due to its special gel-coated surface and the established rectangular body shape with a deep outlet and 10 safety reserve the well placed baffles ensure additional safety when braking and avoid accidental weight transfer of the content the fresh water tank integrated in the middle of the tank and has a capacity that is enough for the cleaning of the whole device the land-cruiser is quipped with a triple nozzle carrier and a 1/2“ va nozzle line by default the three sets of the nozzles can always be controlled and don’t have to be replaced when changing the application the division of the boom sections is modificated due to the customer’s desires you can select from 5 to 9 sections g boom the stable lift mast ensures a continuous adjustment of the height without weight transfer due to its mounting behind the tank and the axle all lines and hoses are mounted

special equipment you can modify the land-cruiser to your desires with special equipment some examples of the possible options »» the large induction centre with an additional nozzle and the storage compartment is a good complement »» tankcontrol the electronic fill level indicator »» drawbar for the precise track following and the protection of the crop in the thread »» damped vibration of the drawbar »» fenders with strainer »» piston diaphragm pump with 320 l/min »» boom lighting with led or h3 working lights »» outer cleaning with cleaning brush or vario spraying pipe »» storage box for für psm protection clothing »» section-control-box »» special folding and flange plates for further working widths »» 40 km/h version »» isobus job computer control terminal and multifunctional handle for the controlling of the land-cruiser »» etc herbert dammann gmbh dorfstr 17 21614 buxtehude-hedendorf tel +49