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the technical resource hireko provides to you at no charge a vast knowledgebase of golf information from technical articles and blogs to standardized shaft information dsfi to clubmaking webinars this information is available to you at your fingertips why do we give away this knowledge for free at hireko we realize that the more you learn and understand about golf equipment the more you will trust us to be your supplier of choice webinars why spend thousands of dollars and fly thousands of miles for a clubmaking class when you can learn for free from the comfort of your home sign up for a hireko webinar hireko will host 14 free online webinars this year discussing clubmaking clubfitting and new product demonstrations learn practical solutions from hireko technical director jeff summitt without leaving your home or office learn how to · grip a golf club · assemble a golf club from scratch · swingweight · properly abrade and cut a golf shaft · proper use of the dynamic shaft

distance ccuracy the acer xk fairway series offers additional lofts to suit a player s individual needs from a strong lofted 3-wood for players who have no problem getting the ball airborne to a highlofted 9-wood not often found a welcome addition is a 4-wood for those players wanting one fairway wood in their bag so they can add an extra wedge or hybrid and stay within the 14 club minimum to ladies or seniors looking for a complementary fairway for a high-lofted driver don t mistake these for an ordinary stainless steel fairway wood the ultra-wide profile thin crown and variable face thickness create these high performance clubs capable of producing a high launching ball flight with incredible accuracy not to be outshined the acer xk hybrids offer some of the same high performance features of the fairways but in a compact version with so much more weight allocated in its extra thick sole delivers that rock solid stability incredible crisp feel and towering trajectory to hold greens

powered by quan square geometry performance without the tin-can sound 34 p ower

more bling fo technology for women only the bellissima is slimmer wider and shallower than standard woods which moves the center of gravity lower and farther back the result is higher launch angles and longer distances even at reduced clubhead speeds 52 ib

tting on-line meet the world s first triple-multi-tasking putter the on-line is a multi-functional putter that the first thing you will say is why didn t someone come out with this before for starters the mallet design offers plenty of heel-toe weighting to ensure the ball rolls straight on its intended target the size of the horseshoe shaped opening was not only carefully selected to act an extremely effective alignment guide but you can scoop up the ball without having to bend over if you look closely there are two slits on either side of the putter with the ball cradled while the putter is suspended in the air these slit coincide exactly with the equator of the ball take a sharpie pen and you can mark straight lines on both sides of the ball finally no more digging in your bag looking for your ball marker tool it is already built into the on-line putter align putt pick up mark your ball the dynacraft on-line putter does it all material stainless steel lie 72° loft 3° weight 365g

acer x-class acer x-class orange/black gs6863 acer x-class pewter/black gs68631 acer x-class purple/purple gs1005l acer x-class pink/pink gs1005l1 x-class the acer x-class graphite shaft is the perfect match to the acer line of clubheads lightweight 68g graphite and mid torque make this an ideal shaft for golfers of all levels description x-class orange/black iron a/l x-class orange/black iron r/s x-class orange/black wood a/l x-class orange/black wood r/s x-class pewter/black iron a/l x-class pewter/black iron r/s x-class pewter/black wood a/l x-class pewter/black wood r/s x-class purple/purple iron a/l x-class purple/purple wood a/l x-class pink/pink iron a/l x-class pink/pink wood a/l model gs6863-001-ial gs6863-001-irs gs6863-001-wal gs6863-001-wrs gs68631-001-ial gs68631-001-irs gs68631-001-wal gs68631-001-wrs gs1005l-001-ial gs1005l-001-wal gs1005l1-001-ial gs1005l1-001-wal shaft type iron iron wood wood iron iron wood wood iron wood iron wood flex a/l r/s a/l r/s

e200 series e250 fje250 e260 fje260 e270 fje270 e270 hybrid fje270hb e270 iron fje270i e200 series designed to fit the broadest range of golfers desiring a mid launch angle and mid spin characteristics for control and maximum distance description e250 wood r e250 wood s e260 wood r e260 wood s e260 wood x e270 wood r e270 wood s e270 wood x e270 hybrid r2 e270 hybrid r e270 hybrid s e270 hybrid x e270 iron r2 e270 iron r e270 iron s model fje250-001-wr fje250-001-ws fje260-001-wr fje260-001-ws fje260-001-wx fje270-001-wr fje270-001-ws fje270-001-wx fje270hb-001-wr2 fje270hb-001-wr fje270hb-001-ws fje270hb-001-wx fje270i-001-ir2 fje270i-001-ir fje270i-001-is shaft type wood wood wood wood wood wood wood wood hybrid hybrid hybrid hybrid iron iron iron flex rsrsxrsxr2 rsxr2 r s weight 58 g 58 g 66 g 67 g 68 g 72 g 73 g 74 g 69 g 72 g 73 g 74 g 77 g 78 g 79 g torque 4.2° 4.2° 3.9° 3.9° 3.9° 3.8° 3.8° 3.8° 3.7° 3.7° 3.7° 3.7° 3.5° 3.5° 3.5° butt size 0.600

karma grips scented grip cleanse your mind body and spirit out on the golf course with the new karma scented grips fragrances are mixed into rubber compound to provide a holistic approach to improving your golf score the karma scented grips are available in four colors and fragrances pink rose calms feelings of anger and frustration and helps to overcome tiredness green jasmine calms the central nervous system reducing anxiety and leads to enhanced mental functioning and acuity purple lavender reduces muscle tension and encourages deep relaxation for a soothing calming and reassuring mood brown chocolate well that goes without saying air cell the unique air cell openings extend along the interior of the grip trapping air between the dual layer constructions resulting into improved shock-absorbing compared with that of conventional rubber grips the velvet material and distinctive pattern ensure excellent traction feel and durability multi-texture the karma multi-texture features

winn pci pci is designed for golfers who desire ultimate control without sacrificing comfort the v17 polymer is combined with a cord underlayer that results in a firm feel and superior performance pci hybrid horizontally positioned black polymer cord in the thumb area provides optimum texture to prevent slippage while vertically positioned cord underneath the grip delivers torque resistance dsi for players who prefer a soft comfortable grip with all-weather playability the new dura-soft integration dsi grip line utilizes winn s v17 material to deliver both comfort and performance pci black rw-58 0.600 round 50g pci pci hybrid pci copper rw-59 0.600 round 50g pci hybrid black rw-62 0.600 round 50g pci hybrid black/red rw-61 0.600 round 50g pci hybrid midsize rw-63 0.600 round 53g pci hybrid oversize 1/8 rw-64 0.600 round 55g dsi dsi lady black rw-76 0.590 round 41g dsi lady black/red rw-54 0.590 round 41g dsi lady black/green rw-77 0.590 round 41g dsi black rw-98 0.600 round 50g dsi

standard ferrules less time less fuss our new ferrules are designed to fit our products right without spending time to finish them off three matching sizes are available in each color and length titanium drivers 12.6mm base stainless fairways 12.2mm base and irons 13.6mm base the fr1013tg is designed to fit the tour gear irons or any iron that requires a 14.8mm base sold 12 per package silver ring fr1026 iron fr1027 driver fr1027f fairway gold ring fr1020 iron fr1021 driver fr1021f fairway pink ring fr1032 iron fr1033 driver fr1033f fairway purple ring fr1036 iron fr1037 driver fr1037f fairway blue ring fr1022 iron fr1023 driver fr1023f fairway red ring fr1024 iron fr1025 driver fr1025f fairway 1/8 black fr1009 iron fr1010 driver fr1010f fairway 1/4 black fr1011 iron fr1012 driver fr1012f fairway 1/2 black fr1013 fr1014 fr1014f fr1013tg iron driver fairway iron 3/4 black fr1015 iron fr1016 driver fr1016f fairway oem repair/replacement ferrules use these ferrules to repair or