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modern guide to clubmaking book now in gorgeous 152 pages full color the 6th edition modern guide to clubmaking book explains in detail the proper procedures for modern clubmaking and the first one every produced in color step-by-step photos and detailed text explain how to assemble clubs trim shafts installation of grips every procedure to properly assemble component clubs there are also more advanced discussions on such topics as setting up a shop how components are manufactured frequency and moment of inertia matching to common repair procedures such as finishing a through bore extending a club bending an iron to re-boring a hosel this comprehensive book is perfect for anyone interested in the craft of clubmaking mcb6 $29.95 • how to efficiently organize your clubmaking shop • how to select tools based on shop size • step-by-step instructions for all types of modern assembly • which method to use manual or mechanical • hundreds of photos detailing

go beyond all limits acer xs titanium drivers the acer xs is a traditional pear-shaped driver series which features a speed enhanced aerodynamic body shape producing optimal distance and forgiveness all go all the way the acer xs series of drivers gives golfer options for distance control or a little of both assembly length 44” 45” 46” over the face the xs series is available in three distinct weights giving golfers options for distance control or acer xs leggera lighter and longer a little of both each model has a lightweight crown for improved weight distribution and a cg located closer to acer xs standard the benchmark the shaft axis to help assist squaring the face at impact acer xs thriver short and straight 18

beyond passion lies obsession designed for beginning and intermediate women and young female golfers the ibella obsession line is exclusively designed for women and not just a man’s model painted an alternative color women have quite different needs and the clubs require a unique set of specifications to complement their swing style whether driver fairway hybrid or iron specific design elements were carefully implemented to meet today’s women’s needs each ibella club appears with a hot pink white and silver color scheme and accented with a butterfly motif and authentic swarovski crystals ibella obsession titanium driver tm1453e club loft lie driver 13° 58° weight face angle volume 200 g 1° closed 460 cc face 6-4 titanium bore type m1 body 100 titanium face height 54 mm hosel bore 0.335” breadth 111 mm component clubhead $69.95 ea custom assembled $125.95 ea rh 13° rc 44 fly like butterfly sporty and awe-inspiring and at the same time is a way

affordability without compromise bionik 500 putter series the bionik 500 series features full mallet designs with accentuated rear weighting and traditional offset configuration to position hands ahead of the putter for solid contact component clubhead $10.95 ea custom assembled $34.95 ea bionik 503 putter zp96710b rh&lh bionik 504 putter zp96610b rh&lh club loft lie weight shaft rc putter 3° 72° 330 g straight 34 bionik 505 putter zp969 rh club loft lie weight shaft rc putter 3° 72° 335 g straight 34 club loft lie weight shaft rc putter 3° 72° 360 g straight 34 body zinc blade length 105 mm body zinc blade length 105 mm body zinc blade length 105 mm hosel id 0.370 sole width 68 mm hosel id 0.370 sole width 68 mm hosel id 0.370 sole width 68 mm bold alignment section soft face insert full offset hosel rc men’s recommended club length drivers fairway and hybrids with graphite shafts iron and wedges steel ladies are 1” less assembled pricing

aldila rip phenom $79.95 ea the rip phenom incorporates aldila’s tour proven rip technology with a unique composite construction to create a new and innovative shaft flex profile for maximum distance and control – the hyperbolic flex zone™ rip technology repositions the materials and patterns to optimize the performance characteristics of the shaft the phenom hyperbolic flex zone provides a stiff tip section for optimal launch and spin control with a very firm butt section for an incredibly stable feel while the center section of the shaft is softer to provide outstanding kick through impact to maximize ball speed description model weight torque butt size tip size length tip parallel ball flight trim code rip phenom 50 wood r alripph50-001-wr 49 g 5.0 d 0.605 in 0.335 in 46 in 3 in mid w23 c rip phenom 50 wood s alripph50-001-ws 52 g 4.5 d 0.610 in 0.335 in 46 in 3 in mid w23 c rip phenom 50 wood x alripph50-001-wx 54 g 4.0 d 0.615 in 0.335 in 46 in 3 in mid

ust proforce v2 $59.99 ea wood 55 65 75 $29.99 ea hybrid for players seeking a flatter more penetrating ball flight the firm tip section produces a medium launch condition and increased ball speed the super low-torque provides maximum control for today’s larger club heads description model weight torque butt size tip size length tip parallel ball flight trim code proforce v2 55 wood a ustv255-001-wa 56 g 3.7 d 0.600 in 0.335 in 46 in 4 in mid w5 proforce v2 55 wood r ustv255-001-wr 57 g 3.7 d 0.600 in 0.335 in 46 in 4 in mid w5 proforce v2 55 wood s ustv255-001-ws 57 g 3.7 d 0.600 in 0.335 in 46 in 4 in mid w5 proforce v2 65 wood r ustv265-001-wr 65 g 3d 0.600 in 0.335 in 46 in 4 in mid w5 proforce v2 65 wood s ustv265-001-ws 66 g 3d 0.600 in 0.335 in 46 in 4 in mid w5 proforce v2 65 wood x ustv265-001-wx 66 g 2.9 d 0.600 in 0.335 in 46 in 4 in mid w5 proforce v2 75 wood s ustv275-001-ws 76 g 2.2 d 0.605 in 0.335 in 46 in 4 in mid w5 proforce v2 75 wood x

kbs tour steel $26.95 ea designed for better players the kbs tour shaft was engineered with ‘moment of inertia analysis’ to deliver better transfer of energy from the player’s hands to the club kbs tour 105 $26.95 ea the kbs tour 105 fills the much needed gap between the tour and tour 90 models a slightly lighter weight shaft all while providing precision distance and control in a shaft that players have grown accustomed to with the kbs golf shafts for players that prefer a lighter-weight shaft with higher ball spin and higher trajectory the kbs tour 105 is the shaft option of professionals and amateurs alike kbs tour 90 $29.95 ea incorporates the same step pattern and design concepts as the kbs tour shaft in a lightweight construction the result is a high performance steel shaft that is comfortable to swing with a softer feel description model weight butt size tip size length ball flight trim code tour steel iron r ukb01-001-ir 120 g 0.600 in 0.370 in 43.5

golf pride z-grip the z-grip cord features aggressive golf pride z-grip golf pride tour velvet textural design for ultimate feedback and control the z-grip patriot proudly represents the red white and blue in an all-rubber construction golf pride tour velvet super tack tour velvet super tack provides exceptional level of tackiness the new texture pattern provides a higher level of traction wider plus signs and tighter formation lastly the diamond texture pattern above the ribbon provides higher compression for stability during load increase on the downswing transition golf pride tour velvet the most popular grip in golf today combines an exclusive state-of-theart rubber-blend compound with a computer-designed non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability comfort and confidence the tour velvet is the standard upon which many club abcdef manufacturers base their designs grip description model grip size core size shape weight price grip kit a golf pride z-grip cord standard re164

pure wrap pure’s tackiest grip the wrap series features a perforated wrap design and fits golfers with various sized hands that prefer a slightly softer more muted feel at impact this grip is great for wet or humid locations and for those that really like a tacky feeling grip that will absorb some vibration pure dtx a combination of contrasting textures the dtx delivers a great simulation of a cord feel but adds our seamless molding and rubber technology its unique combination of rough and tacky texture is great for any golfer looking for a secure connection with the club including cord players pure grip wrap a c grip description abcdefgh 130 b golf grips pure grip dtx d e core size f shape g weight h model grip size price grip kit pure grip standard wrap black rp011332 standard 0.600 in round 50 g $5.99 $77.95 pure grip midsize wrap black rp011432 midsize 0.600 in round 60 g $6.49 $84.95 pure grip jumbo wrap black rp12132 jumbo 0.600 in round 80 g $6.79 $88.95 pure grip

proplus wrench maxpro wrench spike brush dual golf brush 2 a new upgrade of the the latest in spike changing the champ golf prosoft the champ spikes champ worldwide spike tools the last one you’ll ever 2 spike club brush has dual golf brush 2 has a wrench standard the champ need the champ golf spikes 23 scientifically designed comfortable grip to keep golf spikes proplus wrench maxpro wrench has a comfortable sets of bristles 12 white your hands clear of spikes has a comfortable contoured contoured soft touch dual density medium density bristles to and dirt zipline or carabiner soft touch dual density handle three position ratchet for remove excess grass and conveniently hooks to your handle sturdy steel shaft insertion removal or lock in place sand and 11 black firm golf bag dual durometer with hardened steel pins three bits to fit any spike all will bristles to aggressively hardness of bristles for chp88400 $6.95 ea fit in drills standard two pin six clean the spike center

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