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distance yourself from the competition acer xv titanium driver the acer xv is a versatile and technologically enhanced driver series available in a variety of lofts to suit players of all skill levels the classic appearance has a lot of functionality from the addition of the power chamber sole gravity port and cnc milled crown component clubhead $74.95 custom assembled 124.95 acer xv titanium driver tm128532 club loft lie weight face angle volume rc driver 9.5º 58º 200 g square 460 cc 45 driver 10.5º 58º 200 g 1º closed 460 cc 45 driver 12º 58º 200 g 1º closed 460 cc 45 driver 14º 58º 200 g 1º closed 460 cc 45 face 6-4 titanium bore type m1 body 100 titanium face height 55 mm hosel bore 0.335” breadth 114 mm available rh 9.5º 10.5° 12° 14° available lh 9.5° 10.5° 12º acer xv draw titanium driver tm12871 club loft lie weight face angle volume rc driver 10.5º 58º 200 g 2º closed 460 cc 45 driver 12º

carbon magic prophet mb forged iron the dynacraft prophet mb forged iron is an all-new profile with an unmistakable one-of-a-kind appearance forged from 1020 carbon steel the new dynacraft prophet mb forged iron goes through a meticulous process of precision milling the entire cavity shape down to the very intricate details featuring a narrow sole and topline combined with a minimal amount of offset preferred by lower handicapped golfers component clubhead $39.95 custom assembled $57.95 dynacraft prophet mb forged iron – ih502 club loft lie #3 21° 60º weight offset bounce #4 24° 60.5° 249 g 2.5 mm #5 27° 61° 256 g 2.5 mm 3° 38 #6 30° 61.5° 263 g 2 mm 3.5° 37.5 #7 34° 62° 270 g 2 mm 4° 37 #8 38° 62.5° 277 g 1.5 mm 5° 36.5 #9 42° 63° 284 g 1.5 mm 6° 36 pw 46° 63.5° 291 g 1.5 mm 7° 35.5 242 g 3 mm rc 2º 39 2.5° 38.5” face 1020 carbon steel #5 blade length 77 mm body 1020 carbon steel #5 sole

delivering perfect consistency the sandblaster wedge the sand blaster is the ideal weapon from any trap innovative dual sole technology acts like skis in the water gliding across the sand or rough unique hollow two-piece construction allows the sole width to be increased dramatically to make it the most forgiving sand wedge we have ever engineered in either soft or firm sand component clubhead $14.95 custom assembled $28.15 acer xs wedge the acer xs wedge series possess the thin topline limited offset and blade-style appearance that golfers associate with standalone wedges moreover the limited offset aids in alignment and the narrow sole allows for the ability of opening up the blade for flop shots and other creative shots component clubhead $9.95 custom assembled $27.95 power play raw spin wedge the power play raw spin wedge series is a stylish multitiered muscle back design with an exceptionally functional sole grind and straighter leading edge for easier alignment at

house graphite powerflex fw501 features filament wound construction so there is no spline and is extremely consistent around the circumference of the shaft powerflex fw501 fw46 available irs wrs   $9.95 powerflex fw114 the powerflex fw 114 is a value priced shaft designed for mid to high handicappers powerflex fw114 fw11413 available ial irs wal wrs  $6.95 tour series commercial grade tour series commercial grade shafts are an outstanding price point alternative in simple and clean black/silver cosmetics tour series commercial grade cgg available i w  $4.95 tour series junior a more flexible fiberglass composite provides the soft flex to help get the ball airborne for junior components please see page 31 tour series junior  cs200 available i w  $3.95 model shaft type flex weight torque butt size tip size length tip parallel ball flight trim code powerflex fw 501 iron r/s powerflex fw 501 wood r/s

the stability of steel shaft sections of equal weight steelfiber shaft sections of equal weight 100 graphite steelfiber steelfiber technology cg of shaft wall 100 graphite cg of shaft wall as the world’s first perimeter weighted golf shaft aerotech’s steelfiber adds more stability and forgiveness with every shot the steel fiber around the perimeter creates a greater density weight on the shaft’s surface that moves the shaft wall’s center of gravity cg outward thus increasing the shaft’s moment of inertia moi more than 59 miles of steel fiber is then applied to the surface of each shaft with extreme precision using a computer-controlled wet winding technique steel fiber is applied in the hoop 90 degree orientation to eliminate distortion of the shaft during the swing and at impact for exceptional stability steelfiber ss65 wood atssw65 available wa wr ws 0.335 wa wr ws 0.350  $72.00 steelfiber ss75 wood atssw75 available

g-series the g series shaft with x directional technology xdt is the next generation of premium graphite design shafts and is designed to be very adaptable to today’s new head technology the g series performance characteristics favor a low to mid launch trajectory and mid ball spin the new x directional technology xdt incorporates the use of the already proven graphite design msi material stiffness integration design method as well this new and unique application of graphite fiber alignment throughout the shaft structure during the development phase of xdt measurable performance gains were discovered through a more balanced distribution of the graphite fibers within the plies of the shaft design this proprietary application of xdt has made the new g series the most balanced versatile high performance golf shaft available today g-series silver the new g-silver wood shafts are a stiffer tip version of the g-series red models designed for a lower ball flight and slightly less spin

pour yourself a smoothie nrerw ival a smoothie putter grips for golfers that prefer a standard size putter grip the karma smoothie putter grip series is offered in multiple colors and feature a smooth surface with a soft tacky feel bubblegum smoothie putter rf149 0.580 round 65 g  $2.49 green apple smoothie putter rf153 0.580 round 65 g  $2.49 cookies and cream smoothie putter rf154 0.580 round 65 g  $2.49 blueberry smoothie putter rf150 0.580 round 65 g  $2.49 chocolate smoothie putter rf151 0.580 round 65 g  $2.49 orange smoothie putter rf152 0.580 round 65 g  $2.49 velvet junior paddle putter black rf51 0.540 48 g  $1.39 velvet paddle putter black rf50 0.580 66 g  $1.49 velvet paddle putter red rf47 0.580 66 g  $1.59 dual touch midsize putter red rf57 0.580 85 g  $1.79 dual touch midsize putter

nrerw ival nrerw ival a a utx mega paddle putter grip featuring utx tri-layer technology the foundation is a soft layer of advanced cohesive elastomer ace the middle layer is an integrated fabric for superior moisture-wicking in wet conditions and great comfort in all weather conditions the top layer of the ace compound provides firmness technique putter grip lamkin’s new technique putter grip prominently features multiple alignment guides to promote correct hand placement for three common putting techniques the reverse overlap the cross-handed and the claw with a flat-front profile and oversized shape the grip helps to minimize wrist action and stabilize the putting stroke technique is made from a soft lightweight polyurethane that offers exceptional feel and grip comfort midsized rl336 0.580 /58 g $17.99 oversized rl337 0.580 /58 g $19.99 rl330 0.580 /112 g $19.99 i-line putter vibrant orange rl298 0.580 61 g  $11.99 i-line putter

absolute-x putter the absolute x putter grip is made with improved iomax material and has a new textured surface that reduces grip pressure and improves traction mint green iom066 0.580 65 g  $14.99 coral red iom062 0.580 65 g  $14.99 sky blue iom068 0.580 65 g  $14.99 orange iom063 0.580 65 g  $14.99 blue iom069 0.580 65 g  $14.99 pink iom064 0.580 65 g  $14.99 lavender iom070 0.580 65 g  $14.99 yellow iom065 0.580 65 g  $14.99 black iom071 0.580 65 g  $14.99 white iom067 0.580 65 g  $14.99 iomic putter iomic’s putter grip has an ergonomic design that will provide you with the feel and control necessary to have added confidence in your putting milky pink standard iom077 0.580 65 g  $14.99 milky pink midsize iom086 0.580 75 g  $15.99 coral red

oem replacement parts sldr/jetspeed adapter ferrule fits sldr/jetspeed driver single gdw5231 0.335”/350” 4.95 r1 adapter ferrule fits r1 driver single gdw5230 0.335”/350” 4.95 rbz stage 2 wood ferrule fits rbz stage 2 driver pack of 2 gdw5239 0.350” 2.95 gdw5238 0.335” 2.95 rbz fairway ferrule fits rbz fairway wood pack of 4 gdw5210 0.350” 2.95 gdw5209 0.335” 2.95 rbz iron ferrule fits rbz irons pack of 12 gdw5201 0.370” 4.95 rocketbladez iron ferrule fits rocketbladz irons pack of 12 gdw5215 0.370” 4.95 r5/r7 wood ferrule fits r5 driver r7 driver burner driver superquad driver single gdw5030 0.350” 2.95 gdw5029 0.335” 2.95 r9/r11 adapter ferrule fits r9 supertri driver r9 superdeep driver r9 max driver r11 driver fairway wood r11s driver fairway wood r11j driver rbz driver rbz tour driver gloire driver breakaway tabs allow fit on both 0.335” 0.350” shafts single r7/r9/r11 iron ferrule fits r7 r9

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