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​crime mystery thriller suspense ​october 2018 ​​s hell game ​the new vi warshawski novel ​sara paretsky © michael tercha/chicago tribune/tns ​​ ​​private detective vi warshawski finds herself investigating the disappearance of her ex-husband’s niece alongside the murder of a middle east specialist while caught up with syrian refugees stolen artefacts and a greedy chicago businessman lee child says she’s ‘a genius’ p d james called her ‘the most remarkable of today’s suspense writers’ harlan coben said ‘sara paretsky is a legend’ stieg larsson loved her work so much he named her in his novels sara paretsky’s new vi warshawski novel is an unputdownable thriller burning with contemporary issues from a superhero of the crime world.​ ​​sara paretsky was named 2011 grand master by the mystery writers of america she is the winner

​modern contemporary fiction ​november 2018 ​​the quickening ​​talulah riley ​​ bold and shocking novel set in a a near-future britain about gender power and betrayal ​​ a time of deep political unrest a new britain is emerging a one-party government in is slowly taking control under charismatic prime minister dana mayer governement worker art alden has been infatuated with dana since university and has championed her rise but art soon begins to realise that something is frighteningly wrong with the new world until now his unrequited love for dana has prevented him from taking a stand – but when men begin disappearing art is drawn into terrorist group the strife it’s time to act but the price for disloyalty to one’s country and those we love may be higher than art could ever have imagined.​ ​​talulah riley is an actress writer and director the quickening is her second

​fantasy epic fantasy historical fantasy ​september 2018 ​e mpire of grass ​book 2 of the last king of osten ard ​tad williams ​the sequel to the beloved memory sorrow and thorn series ​following on from the witchwood crown, empire of grass continues the story of one of the best loved fantasy epics of all time: memory sorrow and thorn, the inspiration for christopher paolini and george r r martin ‘one of my favourite fantasy series’ george r r martin author of a game of thrones ​world-famous fantasy novelist tad williams is the author of the memory sorrow and thorn otherland shadowmarch and bobby dollar series he lives in california with his wife deborah beale co-author of the ordinary farm adventures series and their family ​ 781473603288 • £18.99 9 royal hardback • 400pp ebook 9781473603257 • £18.99 audio download 9781473603264 • £24.99 royal trade paperback

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​september 2018 ​crime thrillers mystery suspense ​t he forbidden place ​​susanne jansson ​ he debut suspense novel from a fantastic t new voice in international literature ​ ad things happen in mossmarken and now nathalie has come home they seem b to be happening again she has returned to the village on the edge of the mire to conduct her research yet something else seems to have driven her there – perhaps a last chance to confront the terrible tragedy of her childhood but her arrival coincides with an attack on a young man she has feelings for a grave is dug in the mire and vanishes a day later and then the bodies start surfacing is the mire calling out for sacrifices or is it an all-too-human evil ​susanne jansson was born in Åmål sweden she later moved to gothenburg to work in advertising and then to new york to study photography after returning to sweden she worked as a freelance photographer while

​october 2018 ​memoirs actors entertainers film television music ​ lowing the bloody b doors off ​and other lessons in life ​michael caine ​ uch-loved british and hollywood icon m shares his wisdom and stories from an incredible career ​ now in his 85th year and starring in over 100 films michael caine is a movie legend here he shares everything he’s learned about life from the bottom to the top of his remarkable career in this witty wise and hugely entertaining book ​sir michael caine has starred in over 100 films including alfie zulu the italian job as well as the dark knight trilogy hannah and her sisters and cider house rules he has won many awards including two oscars this year sees the release of my generation his documentary on the 1960s on his 85th birthday ​9781473689305​ • £20.00 royal hardback • 304pp ebook 9781473689336 • £20.00 royal ​trade paperback

​november 2018 ​history biography royalty ​​h enry viii ​and the men who made him ​tracy borman ​​ tracy borman sheds new light on henry viii through the fresh perspective of his male relationships ​​ who was the real power behind the tudor throne meet the men who shaped henry viii into the man – and monster – he became this new comprehensive biography of henry viii examines one of britain’s most notorious monarchs through the new lens of his male relationships we know all about henry’s six wives – but what do we know about the men who shaped the crown tracy borman shows us this wellknown monarch in a new light and once again brings the tudor court to life with her meticulous research and vivid storytelling.​ ​​tracy borman is joint chief curator of historic royal palaces and chief executive of the heritage education trust she studied and taught history at

​august 2018 ​war combat fiction espionage spy thriller political thriller ​​h ead hunters ​book 6 in the danny black series ​chris ryan ​​ when your deadliest enemy is closer than you think ​​ the regiment is beset by a mysterious run of suicides when danny black becomes part of an sas hit squad to seek out and eliminate taliban leaders he has to steel himself for the pressures of a constant round of killing what he can’t prepare himself for is the accusation that he has massacred an entire family and an old enemy in the military police is on his tail determined to put him away.​ ​​former sas corporal and the only man to escape death or capture during the bravo two zero operation in the 1991 gulf war chris ryan turned to writing thrillers to tell the stories the official secrets act stops him putting in his non-fiction his novels have inspired the sky one series strike back. his

​november 2018 ​feminism feminist theory gender studies women ​ the problem that had no name ​ unmasking who’s in charge of emotional labour why it matters gemma hartley ​ ground-breaking exploration of a feminism’s most buzzy topic ​gemma hartley wrote an article in harper’s bazaar in september 2017 called ‘women aren’t nags – we’re just fed up’ which instantly went viral the piece and this book are about ‘emotional labour’ i.e the unpaid unnoticed effort and work that goes into keeping everyone around you comfortable and happy the problem that had no name offers practical tips and tackles the big issues surrounding emotional labour the roots in feminism the benefits and burdens of this kind of effort and the specific contexts where emotional labour plays a major but undervalued role including relationships work sex parenting politics and self-care ​gemma hartley is