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​modern contemporary fiction ​november 2018 ​​the quickening ​​talulah riley ​​ bold and shocking novel set in a a near-future britain about gender power and betrayal ​​ a time of deep political unrest a new britain is emerging a one-party government in is slowly taking control under charismatic prime minister dana mayer governement worker art alden has been infatuated with dana since university and has championed her rise but art soon begins to realise that something is frighteningly wrong with the new world until now his unrequited love for dana has prevented him from taking a stand – but when men begin disappearing art is drawn into terrorist group the strife it’s time to act but the price for disloyalty to one’s country and those we love may be higher than art could ever have imagined.​ ​​talulah riley is an actress writer and director the quickening is her second novel.​ 9781473640870​ • ​£17.99 demy hardback • 320pp us rights hodder stoughton ​exclusive territories world ebook 9781473637931 • £17.99 translation rights hodder stoughton audio download 9781473642935 • £19.99 serial rights hodder stoughton publicity contact louise swannell ​author lives in dorset england author is available for events and signings to be confirmed ​n @talulahriley​​​​​​​ 19