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​july 2018 ​science fiction space opera adventure ​ ecord of a r spaceborn few ​wayfarers iii ​becky chambers ​ rom the ground we stand f from our ship we live by the stars we hope the incredible new novel by becky chambers author of the beloved the long way to a small angry planet ​ undreds of years ago the last humans left earth after centuries wandering empty h space humanity was welcomed – mostly – by the species that govern the milky way and their generational journey came to an end but this is old history today the exodus fleet is a living relic a place many are from but few outsiders have seen and when a disaster rocks this already fragile community those exodans who have not yet left for alien cities struggle to find the answers to their question what is the purpose of a ship that has reached its destination ​becky chambers was raised in california as the progeny of an astrobiology educator an aerospace engineer and an apollo-era rocket scientist she is the author of the wayfarers series and her creative work has appeared at the mary sue five out of ten the toast and pornokitsch.​ ​​​9781473647602​​ • ​£14.99 royal hardback • 400pp ebook 9781473647626 • £14.99 audio download 9781473647633 • £24.99 royal trade paperback 9781473647619 • £13.99 26 #spacebornfew most recent title a closed and common orbit publicity contact rebecca mundy exclusive territories world author lives in california usa author is available for ​limited author tour on publication interview features festival appearances us rights harper voyager translation rights hodder stoughton serial rights hodder stoughton​ advance book proofs available on request