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​fantasy epic fantasy historical fantasy ​september 2018 ​e mpire of grass ​book 2 of the last king of osten ard ​tad williams ​the sequel to the beloved memory sorrow and thorn series ​following on from the witchwood crown, empire of grass continues the story of one of the best loved fantasy epics of all time: memory sorrow and thorn, the inspiration for christopher paolini and george r r martin ‘one of my favourite fantasy series’ george r r martin author of a game of thrones ​world-famous fantasy novelist tad williams is the author of the memory sorrow and thorn otherland shadowmarch and bobby dollar series he lives in california with his wife deborah beale co-author of the ordinary farm adventures series and their family ​ 781473603288 • £18.99 9 royal hardback • 400pp ebook 9781473603257 • £18.99 audio download 9781473603264 • £24.99 royal trade paperback 9781473603295 • £14.99 most recent title the witchwood crown advance reading copies via netgalley publicity contact rosie stephen exclusive territories bcn ex can ex eu author lives in california usa us rights daw books translation rights abner stein serial rights hodder stoughton #memorysorrowþ n @tadwilliams m authortadwilliams​ 27