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​august 2018 ​adventure fantasy ​​early riser ​​jasper fforde ​​ the first standalone novel from the number one bestselling author jasper fforde ​​ imagine a world where all humans must hibernate through a brutally cold winter their bodies close to death while the winter consuls watch over the vulnerable sleeping citizens charlie worthing is a novice chosen from the academy by a winter consul to accompany him to remote wales to investigate a dream which is going viral causing paranoia hallucinations and psychotic episodes as it spreads though trained to stay alive through the bleakest of winters charlie is in no way prepared for what awaits in sector twelve ​ ​​jasper fforde traded a varied career in the film industry for staring out of the window and chewing the end of a pencil he lives and works in wales and has a passion for aviation.​ 9781473650220​ • ​£20.00 royal hardback • 416pp ​exclusive territories bcn ex can inc eu ebook 9781444763614 • £20.00 us rights viking us audio download 9781444763706 • £24.99 translation rights janklow nesbit serial rights hodder stoughton royal trade paperback 9781444763591 • £14.99 28 ​n @jasperfforde p jasperfforde​​​​​​​ publicity contact emma knight ​ uthor lives in hay-on-wye wales a author is available for events and signings to be confirmed.