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​september 2018 ​crime thrillers mystery suspense ​t he forbidden place ​​susanne jansson ​ he debut suspense novel from a fantastic t new voice in international literature ​ ad things happen in mossmarken and now nathalie has come home they seem b to be happening again she has returned to the village on the edge of the mire to conduct her research yet something else seems to have driven her there – perhaps a last chance to confront the terrible tragedy of her childhood but her arrival coincides with an attack on a young man she has feelings for a grave is dug in the mire and vanishes a day later and then the bodies start surfacing is the mire calling out for sacrifices or is it an all-too-human evil ​susanne jansson was born in Åmål sweden she later moved to gothenburg to work in advertising and then to new york to study photography after returning to sweden she worked as a freelance photographer while studying journalism and for the past 20 years has been combining photography with being a freelance journalist she has also written crime short stories for weekly magazines she lives with her family near gothenburg.  ​9781473668584​​ • ​£16.99 royal hardback • 352pp ​exclusive territories bcn eu ex can ebook 9781473668584 • £10.99 us rights grand central publishing audio download 9781473668560 • £21.99 translation rights ahlander agency royal trade paperback 9781473668553 • £14.99 42 #theforbiddenplace serial rights hodder stoughton ​ publicity contact veronique norton advance book proofs available on request author lives in sweden​ author is available for ​interview features.​