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​november 2018 ​history biography royalty ​​h enry viii ​and the men who made him ​tracy borman ​​ tracy borman sheds new light on henry viii through the fresh perspective of his male relationships ​​ who was the real power behind the tudor throne meet the men who shaped henry viii into the man – and monster – he became this new comprehensive biography of henry viii examines one of britain’s most notorious monarchs through the new lens of his male relationships we know all about henry’s six wives – but what do we know about the men who shaped the crown tracy borman shows us this wellknown monarch in a new light and once again brings the tudor court to life with her meticulous research and vivid storytelling.​ ​​tracy borman is joint chief curator of historic royal palaces and chief executive of the heritage education trust she studied and taught history at the university of hull and was awarded a phd in 1997 tracy is the author of a number of highly acclaimed books including the private lives of the tudors uncovering the secrets of britain’s greatest dynasty and thomas cromwell the untold story of henry viii’s most faithful servant.​ ​9781473649880​ • ​£25.00 royal hardback • 464pp ebook 9781473649903 • £25.00 audio download 9781473650312 • £25.00 royal trade paperback 9781473649897 • £14.99 58 #henryviii most recent title the private lives of the tudors publicity contact rebecca mundy exclusive territories world author lives in london kt3 author is available for interview features festival appearances local events us rights grove atlantic translation rights hodder serial rights hodder stoughton n @tracyborman​​​​​​​ advance book proofs available on request