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​november 2018 ​feminism feminist theory gender studies women ​ the problem that had no name ​ unmasking who’s in charge of emotional labour why it matters gemma hartley ​ ground-breaking exploration of a feminism’s most buzzy topic ​gemma hartley wrote an article in harper’s bazaar in september 2017 called ‘women aren’t nags – we’re just fed up’ which instantly went viral the piece and this book are about ‘emotional labour’ i.e the unpaid unnoticed effort and work that goes into keeping everyone around you comfortable and happy the problem that had no name offers practical tips and tackles the big issues surrounding emotional labour the roots in feminism the benefits and burdens of this kind of effort and the specific contexts where emotional labour plays a major but undervalued role including relationships work sex parenting politics and self-care ​gemma hartley is a writer reporter and blogger she specializes in the subject areas of feminism pop-culture health wellness finance budgeting and mindfulness writing her work has been featured in outlets including harper’s bazaar women’s health glamour the washington post cnbc redbook cosmopolitan good housekeeping teen vogue and the huffington post her other regular clients include sites such as ravishly headspace big city moms romper and sheknows ​ 781473687462 • £12.99 9 demy trade paperback • 256pp exclusive territories bcn ex can ex eu ebook 9781473687455 • £12.99 us rights harperone audio download 9781473687479 • £19.99 translation rights sterling lord literistic publicity contact veronique norton author lives in nevada usa serial rights hodder stoughton 74 ​n @gemmahartley m ​gemma.hartley.37 p @gemmalhartley​