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2006 flowtech cat_layout 7/24/06 4:48 pm page 17 red hotstm mufflers eo headers get yer red hots a red hots figure #1 c 18 d 24 full length headers high performance glass pack mufflers block hugger headers red hots from flowtech may be the best muffler value on the market today the classic design includes thick long-lasting high heat cerama-glass packing wrapped around a power louver baffle backpressure is decreased to increase flow help boost power and they sound red hot red hots are only available in a rich red finish in your choice of 2 2 1/4 and 2 1/2 outlet diameters b race headers import headers description packaged p/n a b · delivers rich powerful red hot sound · low backpressure to increases performance · large diameter 3.5 case · red hot looks red hot value slip-fit muffler slip-fit muffler slip-fit muffler each 50250flt each 50251flt each 50252flt 2 2 2-1/4 2-1/4 2-1/2 2-1/2 glass pack mufflers turbo-style mufflers import mufflers catbacks look for the

2006 flowtech cat_layout 7/24/06 4:48 pm page 18 eo headers purple horniestm mufflers full length headers have you got the purple hornies the classic purple hornie tubular design glasspack mufflers give sound and performance gains that are more than impressive they re wild the 16-gauge 3 1/2 diameter steel shell encloses an interior spiral louver baffle design that increases exhaust velocity while decreasing backpressure projecting the sound waves into a temperature fibermat material available in an 18 case length with 2 1/4 slip-fit or choose from three different styles of 3 three-hole direct-headermount designs · rich powerful sound · decreases backpressure boosts horsepower · 3 1/2 diameter 16-gauge case · spiral louver design core · distinctive purple finish description packaged slip-fit muffler 3 3-hole header muffler 3 3-hole turn header muffler 3 3-hole jeep header muffler each each each pair race headers block hugger headers tm p/n figure a b c 18 18 29

2006 flowtech cat_layout 7/24/06 4:48 pm page 19 warlocktm mufflers eo headers full length headers make magic with warlock tm mufflers flowtech s warlock racing muffler may be too much for mere mortals the high flow low-restriction patented 3-pass-tube design provides lots of horsepower and a mean n nasty sound but when you re ready to battle the titans on the track the warlock lets you remove its flow intensifiertm bypass cap for un-restricted unbelievable straight-through power · removable flow intensifier offers maximum performance for street or strip block hugger headers race headers import headers · fully-welded 16-gauge ribbed case for added strength and reduced resonance · unique spiral-louvered pass tubes no glass or seams to blow out glass pack mufflers attention racers this warlock is ideal for both street and competition vehicles where mufflers are required for specific racing requirements check your rule book available with inlet sizes ranging from 2 1/4 up to a huge

2006 flowtech cat_layout 7/24/06 4:48 pm page 20 eo headers afterburnertm mufflers full length headers sound engineered for optimum performance if you really want great sound and maximum horsepower kick on the afterburner and kick a little butt flowtech afterburner mufflers are your very best bet for optimum performance and awesome sound all afterburners are made with an aluminized case for miles and miles of rust and corrosion protection their fully-welded construction offers stronger seams to prevent blow out under extreme conditions huge tm import headers race headers block hugger headers flow tubes provide blistering horsepower while the sound tuned chambers provide unbelievable sound and minimize annoying resonance and afterburner mufflers are fully reversible designed for maximum flow in either direction · fully-welded construction seams will not blow out under any condition · aluminized case rust and corrosion resistant for longer life · huge flow tubes provide

2006 flowtech cat_layout 7/24/06 4:48 pm page 21 raptortm mufflers eo headers get ripped with raptortm full length headers if you want a mean muffler that won t tear the guts from your wallet get a raptor and watch out flowtech s raptor turbo performance muffler features a a sturdy aluminized case with lock seal construction it offers gigantic high-output flow tubes to provide more horsepower better mileage and a sound of pure performance · free-flowing inner pass tubes up to 3 in diameter · low restriction reduces backpressure and increases performance over a broad power curve · heavy gauge case for durability and sound control · great performance tone block hugger headers race headers import headers glass pack mufflers turbo-style mufflers import mufflers inlet size outlet size p/n description 2 2-1/4 2-1/2 3 2 2-1/4 2-1/2 3 50050flt 50051flt 50052flt 50054flt universal performance muffler universal performance muffler universal performance muffler universal

2006 flowtech cat_layout 7/24/06 4:48 pm page 22 eo headers terminatortm mufflers full length headers tm block hugger headers flowtech s terminatortm not only looks bad it is bad the terminator is constructed entirely of super thick fullywelded aluminized steel with huge 3 inner pass tubes that reduce backpressure and increase horsepower like no other muffler can put a couple of terminators behind your powerplant and you ll hear a bark that will scare the meanest junk yard dog in town import headers race headers · fully-welded for strength and durability · no glass to burn or blow out · thick aluminized steel construction glass pack mufflers · designed to flow in either direction 400 turbo-style mufflers 400 horsepower 350 applications part number fig a b 300 250 catbacks 200 3000 3500 oem 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 terminator engine rpm brand f universal replacement 50121flt 1 2-1/4 2-1/4 universal replacement 50122flt 1 2-1/2 2-1/2 universal replacement 50130flt 1 3 3

2006 flowtech cat_layout 7/24/06 4:48 pm page 23 mustang exhaust systems mufflers eo headers full length headers tm stinger system shown with optional by-pass muffler block hugger headers sting for your `stang get more power from your 5.0l pony with flowtech s stinger catback exhaust system your new stinger system will boost horsepower increase performance and even help improve fuel economy easily installed in the stock location the system includes mandrel-bent 2 1/2 flow tubes 2 1/2 warlock mufflers turndowns and all mounting hardware race headers import headers p/n year application description stinger exhaust system with warlock mufflers 42600flt 42601flt 86-95 86-95 mustang 5.ol gt/lx mustang 5.ol gt/lx 2-1/2 stinger system with warlock mufflers glass pack mufflers 2-1/2 stinger system with warlock by-pass mufflers turbo-style mufflers bang for your `stang this flowtech terminator is specifically designed for the mustang 5.0l the super heavy duty fully-welded flow tm import

2006 flowtech cat_layout 7/24/06 4:48 pm page 24 eo headers 2005-06 mustang gt terminator mufflers full length headers 2005-06 mustang gt terminator muffler set pull the plug on the competition with these new terminators flowtech has just made this leading performance muffler available for the 2005-06 mustang with the 4.6l v8 for the first time this high flow muffler set bolts right on to the mustang and with their cool black finish will keep this pony ride in sleeper mode race headers block hugger headers · high flow mufflers designed for reduced back import headers pressure · huge 3 inner pass tubes tuned for increased horse power and performance · deep aggressive performance tone · sturdy fully welded aluminized cases are designed for long life · black finish hides muffler for the sleeper look · polished 304 slash cut stainless tips enhance the mustang s performance image · muffler clamps and hardware included for an easy installation glass pack mufflers part 50253flt

2006 flowtech cat_layout 7/24/06 4:48 pm page 28 eo headers mufflers catbacks sport compact exhaust systems warlock tm cat-back exhaust systems full length headers warlock cat-back systems for street and strip feature a high-flow triple-pass-tube muffler and bigbore 16-gauge constant cross section tubing to give your honda or acura maximum exhaust flow with no restrictions the warlock makes a sound so wicked it blisters the competition · bolts directly to oem system with no modifications · fully polished 304 stainless oval triple pass-tube racing muffler is fully welded with no glass or seams to blow out · large 4 1/2 stainless steel rolled lip tip welded in place block hugger headers race headers · constructed of big bore constant cross section 16-gauge aluminized tubing · huge 2 1/4 tubing provides low back pressure for your honda and acura · includes all mounting hardware glass pack mufflers import headers · easy to install goes on in minutes make model year part number