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table of contents product section page camshafts · · · · · valve train · · · · pistons · · · · · · · · rods · · · · · · · · · · · crankshafts · · · engine kits · · · · index · · · · · · · · · · 5-170 171-206 207-256 257-272 273-286 287-290

introduction company info catalog usage lunati heritage the racers choice the eighties began the growth of the performance market resulted in unprecedented demand for new products joe lunati once again pledged to give racers what they wanted the best parts and the best prices anywhere and he did the non-twist crank and the finest roller cams in the country kept them going at a frantic pace the pro mod rod was one of the outstanding developments and it soon became the standard for performance connecting rods in the nineties the focus for lunati was providing the best pistons in the industry no small feat but this too was accomplished t his slogan fits the philosophy of lunati it s just one of the many reasons that we at holley are so proud that the lunati team is part of the holley family joe lunati led his company lunati cams for three decades during that time lunati achieved an admirable record of consistent growth and product development that was the envy of the industry the

how to use this catalog this 2004 lunati® catalog is the best ever the contents have been organized so that all products of a particular product line appear in their own section within the catalog for the first time ever each catalog product section has its own identifying cover page with a mini-index to help find products faster the following product sections are provided · · · · · · camshafts valve train components pistons rods crankshafts engine kits the major product sections are identified by their page headings and edge bars in addition page headings are used to further define either applications or product sub-categories these changes were done in the interest of providing a catalog that is easier to read and faster to find parts all product listings and applications have been put into sequence one that is user-friendly detailed product technical and mechanical information has also been included to explain how products work we think that you ll like what you see here now

introduction technical service lunati technical service the lunati technical service department offers the professional engine builder or performance enthusiast an opportunity to talk to a knowledgeable engine technician in the areas of · camshaft selection · valve train components · pistons · rods · crankshafts · engine kits web site contact lunati technical service at 1-901-365-0950 telephone fax 1-901-795-9411 e-mail write lunati 4770 lamar ave memphis tn 38118-7403 4