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technical information stepped pipe technology stepped pipes before stepped pipes were cool 1 1 · 2 /4 and new 2 /2 drag pipes that really work · stepped internal head pipe design industry s first incorporates 45 years of race header technology allowing top-end horsepower without sacrificing low-end torque see page 21 for sizes of stepped internal pipes · one piece seamless outer pipe for the big tube look with no visible blueing or seams · increased performance over a broad rpm range most other brands of 21/4 21/2 straight pipes lose low and midrange performance · metallic ceramic coating on internal head pipes retain heat increasing exhaust velocity for more horsepower industry s first · specific applications for highly modified motors with bigger primaries and larger steps industry s first · optional muffler cartridges available for a more mellow sound while increasing low end performance · straight tuning cores 21/4 pipes offer fine tuning of pipes without sound