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Holley Performance Products, Inc., Tuned Flow™

tuned flow® slip-on mufflers 85-2005 dresser® ® slash cut 27643hkr 27641hkr 1995-2005 1985-1994 27742hkr 27740hkr fish 1995-2005 1985-1994 straight 27642hkr 27640hkr 1995-2005 1985-1994 27743hkr 27741hkr turns 1995-2005 1985-1994 see page 21 for cid to cc engine size conversion chart heat shields available separate see pages 37-39 important installation of exhaust products on motorcycles subject to e.p.a noise and emissions regulations may violate federal or local laws check available ground clearance it may be less than your stock exhaust lowered motorcycles require special attention care must be taken while cornering or when transitioning to inclined surfaces to avoid making contact with pavement see back cover for a complete limitation of liability disclaimer 32