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voodoo cam supplement layout 10/9/04 5:35 pm page 2 tm u the voodoo series covers more applications normally aspirated fuel injection rv/towing marine 4x4 off road street rod muscle car touring fuel economy than any other cam series offered today unless you re a witch doctor choosing the correct cam can be a nightmare voodootm by lunati is the answer the gurus at lunati have taken cam design to another dimension with profiles never before utilized in flat tappet cams only the world s best profiles are included in this line making cam selection an easy choice voodoo designs are so advanced that lunati could now be considered voodoo incorporates 30 years of cam design experience with more recent developments in profiles geometry and tolerances to deliver the most aggressive ramp profiles ever used in hydraulic flat tappet cams asymmetrical lobe designs with slower closing sides set the valve down easy to reduce noise and premature failure of the valvetrain these are the best power producing hydraulic flat tappet cams available today years ahead of the competition don t settle for average camshaft performance or rely on your own abilities to choose a cam take your ride to the next dimension with voodoo no other hydraulic flat tappet cam delivers more area under the curve than lunati s voodoo series this means more throttle response quicker acceleration more vacuum better efficiency combined with maximum horsepower and torque testing found an additional 28 hp and 25 lb/ft of torque at 5800 rpm over brand c s leading design peak horsepower was increased by 16 the usable power range was also moved out with peak voodoo rpm at 5500 vs 5300 on brand c 450 450 400 400 350 350 horsepower 300 300 250 250 200 200 150 150 100 100 50 50 0 2300 2500 2700 2900 3100 3300 3500 3700 3900 4100 4300 4500 4700 4900 5100 5300 5500 5700 5900 6100 0 rpm voodootm horsepower brand c horsepower voodootm torque brand c torque test performed on a 9.1:1 sb chevy with aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads dual plane high rise intake manifold 650 cfm carburetor 1-5/8 headers 1 2 torque