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Health Care 2010 by Hollister Incorporated

Catalog: Health Care 2010
Company/Brand: Hollister Incorporated

drain tubes in Health Care 2010 by Hollister Incorporated

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drops 60 cleaner/decrystallizer 61 drainable pouch clamp and urostomy drain tube ... 62 replacement filters 62 bedside drainage collector 62 skin barrier pastes and ...
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allows introduction of catheter or drain through pouch sterile stock no 9779 ... quantity/box 8 wound drainage collectors 970x/977x for management of ... draining wounds fistulae or draining tube sites available with and without ... skin barriers sterile and non sterile drainable pouches odor-barrier film with access ...
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25-43 cm single unit 3779 single unit drain tube for use with newborn ostomy pouch ...
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cleaner/decrystallizer cleans urinary drainage systems ph balanced and non-acidic free ... 16 oz 480 ml bottle box of 12 drainable pouch clamp 8770 drainable pouch clamp ... no 8770 color beige box of 20 urostomy drain tube adapter 7331 urostomy drain tube ...
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supplies 200 ea/mo insertion tray with drainage bag but without catheter 1 ea/mo ... used for catheter clamp each bedside drainage bag day or night with or without 2 ea/ ... with or without tube each urinary drainage bag leg or abdomen vinyl with or 2 ea/ ... disposable underpads all sizes bedside drain bottle with or without tubing rigid or ...
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and stay in place ˇ easy to operate drain valve requires minimal dexterity ˇ ...
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sterile sterile length 18 18 bedside drainage collection system with anti-reflux ... needed odor-barrier film convenience drain hcpcs a4326 stock no 9873 description ... barrier odor-barrier film convenience drain tape strips and skin gel wipe included ... barrier odor-barrier film convenience drain alternative to indwelling catheter for ...
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into the bladder for the purpose of draining urine and performing diagnostic tests ... catheter urinary pouch or also to wound drainage systems color coded on hollister ... between an ostomy pouch or wound drainage collector made of latex or vinyl eyelet ... end of the catheter to facilitate drainage of urine from the bladder eyelets are ...
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remains in the bladder continuously to drain urine may be referred to as a foley ...
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tube attachment device vtad 105 drain tube attachment device dtad 106 ...
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for oral care secures oral endotracheal tubes 5-10 mm flextend adhesive skin barrier ... device htad sterile 9781 secures drains tubes or catheters 5-40 fr parallel to ... patient s skin tubes can be secured at exit site or at a ... device vtad sterile 9782 secures drains tubes or catheters 5-40 fr vertical to ... patient s skin tubes are secured at exit site eliminating ...
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tube fasteners drain tube attachment device dtad sterile ... 9780 secures a variety of drains or tubes 10-24 fr vertical to patient s skin ... hcpcs a5200 description quantity/box drain tube 5 attachment device dtad sterile ... secures nasogastric/nasointestina l tubes 5-18 fr butterfly-shaped flexwear skin ... device stad 9785 secures nasogastric tubes 12-18 fr butterfly-shaped flexwear skin ...
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fastener dvd also online horizontal drain tube attachment device an alternative ... to sutures and tape vertical drain tube attachment device an alternative ...
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intermittent catheter 84 bedside drainable collection system with anti-reflux ... floating flanges 65 centerpointlock drainable pouches 66 centerpointlock flat skin ... 67 centerpointlock urostomy pouches 67 drainable pouch clamp 61 drain tube attachment ... -62 karaya 5 closed pouches 70 karaya 5 drainable pouches 69-70 karaya 5 urostomy ...
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88 urinary leg bag 4 pack 89 urostomy drain tube adapter 61 vented latex-free ... tube attachment device vtad 105 wound drainage collectors 49 zassiŽ bowel management ...
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