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highlights highly secure encryption electronic hardware security key high resolution images solid state storage fast data transfer 3000 images/minute event/sensor triggers optional wireless inspection tools optional wireless data downloading optional gps tracking and event recording taxi video system product overview at the heart of the tvs21 taxi video system is the same technologies found on our police in-car-video systems where image quality public privacy data encryption and the integrity of chain-of-evidence and security are the prime concerns tvs21 employs patent-pending technology that combines software encryption and electronic hardware security keys to ensure that only law enforcement agencies can view the recorded images thus ensuring that the privacy of drivers and passengers is not compromised the electronic hardware security key ehsk and password are required to gain access to the tvs21 each key has a unique id which the tvs21 unit registers each time it is used to gain

key features image quality · high quality images 720x480 resolution are taken at 5 frames per second to ensure sufficient information of evidence is available for incident resolution · 750 images are taken prior to door-open door-close and panic button events even during standby mode when ignition is off · can store over 360,000 images optional up to 1,500,000 · the control unit is housed in a tough extruded aluminum enclosure 100 solid state storage no moving parts designed to work through power disturbances voltage transients mechanical shock and vibration hot and cold environments and exposure to moisture and dust · patent-pending technique with proprietary tamper-proof data access protocol and encrypted images to eliminate public privacy concerns and to ensure chain-of-evidence integrity tvs21 ruggedness security camera taxi video system specifications imaging technology 1/3 ccd single camera lens high definition 2.9mm 3.6mm 4.3mm lens dual camera lens high definition