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compact and ultra-light honwave s slatted-deck inflatables are perfect for use as tenders fishing trips or simply for cruising pleasure introduction a sweet ride honda s honda inflatable boats are built with manufactured premium pvc ensuring a smooth ride it s ultra-tough yet lightweight the perfect combination the design also features large buoyancy tubes which ensure stability and floatation no matter whether you re on a dam a lake a river or a harbour when you need to be stable on the water you re in good hands with the honwave t20 features top quality security features such as safety handles and lifelines reserve tank fixed under seat for space saving and weight distribution extra wide exterior rubber strake ensuring maximum protection comfort and design the honwave s deep v hull design has been created to enhance the boat s overall performance for you and your passengers it has dual seating positions selected models and a reinforced fibreglass transom and seat so you ll feel

a tough polymer rear tube end as well as reinforced polymer keep and tube bottoms will allow you to reverse right up to the dock the bank or a larger boat without risking a tear the honwave features an inboard one-way drain valve for fast efficient bailing should all those fish you re catching bring in some water with them and that two-tone light colour design is not just for aethetics sake they also work hard to reflect the sun s heat keeping you cool out there easy storage you can fold the honwave t20 up in minutes throw it in the back of the car and be on your way in no time at all you ll spend more time putting sunscreen on the oars detach as well meaning the honwave takes up even less room when you re storing it and transporting it and with a stylish two-tone colour combination you ll always be keen to pull it back out for another day on the water specs characteristics type of floor slatted overall length 2020mm inside length 1210mm outside width main beam 1440mm inside width

diameter of boyancy tubes 400mm packaging l xwxh 1120mm x 590mm x 290mm maximum motor power 3240w pressure body 0.25 bar keel n/a dwf floor n/a passengers maximum passengers 2 adults 1710b192-110f-42b4-8b23-d73522a40624 visit honda marine website for terms and conditions please visit http about.hondampe.com.au/terms_and_conditions the information in this document is valid as of 13/08/2015 for the most up to date information please visit http