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hello hydrogen introducing the most advanced zero emission honda ever the clarity fuel cell is the only hydrogen vehicle available with a 366-mile range rating1 and seating for five to top it off its only emission is

always thinking ahead how it works the honda clarity fuel cell received an impressive 366-mile range rating,1 with aerodynamic styling that minimizes wind resistance and an electric motor that produces an instant 221 lb-ft of torque.2 the clarity fuel cell conver ts hydrogen into elec tricit y to power the hightorque electric motor a small onboard bat tery stores energy recovered during deceleration and braking adding “free” elec trons to the power mix the vehicle can be refueled in 3-5 minutes 3 throughout california thanks to the state’s growing network of hydrogen stations no other hydrogen sedan provides seating for five adults and a premium interior but the clarity fuel cell is the exception that advances the latest technology from honda why fuel cells fuel-cell elec tric vehicles of fer longrange all elec tric driving and zero tailpipe emissions curbing air pollution with 100 hydrogen stations planned by 2020 in california there’s never been a bet ter

the future is clear honda is committed to developing more environmentally responsible vehicles like the clarity fuel cell and working towards a zero-carbon-emissions future clarityfuelcell.honda.com lear n more abou t the clar i t y fuel cell •h  ydrogen station map cafcp.org/stationmap •s  ee how it works fuelcellvideos.honda.com •r  ebate information afdc.energy.gov cleanvehiclerebate.org key standard features proton exchange membrane fuel cell pemfc 174 hp2 and 221 lb-ft torque2 • 366-mile driving-range rating1 • zero-emission vehicle zev10 • honda sensing® suite of safety and driver-assistive features • head-up display hud • remote climate pre-conditioning • 18-inch alloy wheels • multi-angle rearview camera11 with dynamic guidelines • led headlights turn indicators taillights and daytime running lights drl • honda lanewatch™12 • cabin air quality management system • dual-zone