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RC51 CBR954RR CBR600RR CBR600F4i

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Sportbikes Honda Motors RC51 CBR954RR CBR600RR CBR600F4i

s portbikes rc51 cbr954rr cbr600rr cbr600f4i

cbr600rr 03 kurtis roberts lays down another hot lap on the new cbr600rr performance first sportbikes why should you ride redtm in a word performance you see at honda performance firsttm is a philosophy that is the very dna of everything we do from our rc2 1vtm motogp champion to 1 the sportbikes on these pages and performance means more than just power handling dependability the way your motorcycle is built how long it will last the attention to fit and finish at honda we think all that and more are part of your new sportbike s performance and it shows we strive for excellence for performance first in each and every one of those areas it s the philosophy we ve always had it s the philosophy that s always set honda apart and it s the most important reason why you should ride

03 sportbikes honda s latest exclusive unit pro-link® rear suspension the upper shock mount is contained within the swingarm itself rather than being attached to the frame with no top-frame mount the rear suspension doesn t upset the chassis how does it perform ask world champion valentino rossi who s used his rc211v to positively wax the best talent the motogp world can bring to the start line another part directly inspired by the rc211v is the cbr600rr s new aluminum swingarm bottom line the new honda cbr600rr is without a doubt and without a challenge the highest-performing most track-ready middleweight sportbike we ve ever produced cbr600rr truly better in every way than the machines that already have won so many championships and have come to define it s the day that sportbike riders have dreamed of the day motogp technology comes to the 600 class and the result it s better than anyone ever dared hope cbr600rr never ever have the performance and design concepts of one of our

03 sportbikes cbr600f4i the awesome honda cbr600f4i it s one of the best 600s ever both on the track and on the street it looks so simple but it s one of the f4i s most complex pieces the blacked-out aluminum twin-spar pro frame® chassis has been refined for consistently sharp response running the swingarm pivot through the frame and the engine cases ties everything together cbr600f4i without a doubt one 600 stands out as the ultimate do-everything sportbike in the world the honda cbr600f4i cbr600f4i as far as middle-displacement sportbikes designed to be ridden in the real world honda s stellar cbr600s have always led the way and along that way they ve collected plenty of racetrack championships too check out these credentials 2002 world supersport champion winner at daytona in 2000 and 2001 eight-time ama 600 supersport champion the number-one-plate holder in 2000 and 2001 cycle world s pick as best middleweight streetbike.1 and still comfortable enough to serve as a sport tourer a

cbr954rr 03 sportbikes jake zemke shows why the cbr954rr is a formula xtreme

03 sportbikes cbr954rr it s small and hidden away but it s a revolutionary development and another great example of honda technology the honda titanium exhaust valve htevtm changes the exhaust system s scavenging characteristics for optimum roger lee hayden and his favorite bike the cbr954rr power in the three key rev ranges low end idle to 3000 rpm midrange the bike that revolutionized the open class is still the bike all others aspire to the cbr954rr cbr954rr until honda s original cbr900rr burst upon the scene sportbike riders had to choose between open-class power and middleweight handling and maneuverability then in one revolutionary stroke we combined the best of both worlds and since then we ve simply made the world s best open-class sportbike better and better the cbr954rr weighs a feathery 370 pounds exactly the same as our own light cbr600f4i yet its engine pumps out an unheard-of 154 horsepower at 10,500 rpm and features an 11,650-rpm redline when you ve got performance

rc51 03 sportbikes miguel duhamel and the rc51 both ready to

rc51 it started in daytona in 2002 from qualifying on there was never any question which company had done its homework over the winter and was bringing the best superbike to the track and when the checkered flag fell just as it fell all season long the honda rc51 showed that this open-class v-twin superbike has what it takes to whip any other superbike out there want more proof just ask nicky hayden or colin edwards who respectively rode their rc51s to the ama national and world superbike championships watch an rc51 at the track or sit on one at your local dealership and it s easy to see why because here is a machine that combines power refinement compact size and awesome performance all in one package like no other machine out there just to refresh your memory the rc51 still uses a 999cc 90-degree v-twin engine liquid-cooled with twin gear-driven overhead cams four-valve heads ram air and direct shim-under-bucket valve actuation with a 16,000-mile service interval its

03 specifications rc51 cbr954rr cbr600rr cbr600f4i model engine rvt1000r 999cc dohc liquid-cooled 90º v-twin 100.0 x 63.6mm 10.8:1 close-ratio six-speed 43mm inverted hmas cartridge fork with springpreload rebound and compression-damping adjustability pro-link hmas single-shock with spring-preload rebound and compression-damping adjustability dual full-floating discs with four-piston calipers single-disc with single-piston caliper 120/70zr-17 radial 190/50zr-17 radial 55.9 inches 32.3 inches 430 pounds 4.8 gallons including 1.2-gallon reserve red/metallic silver tank pad magnetic tank bag cbr954rr 954cc dohc liquid-cooled inline fourcylinder 75.0 x 54.0mm 11.5:1 close-ratio six-speed 43mm inverted hmas cartridge fork with spring-preload rebound and compression-damping adjustability pro-link hmas single-shock with spring-preload rebound and compression-damping adjustability dual full-floating discs with four-piston calipers single-disc with single-piston caliper 120/70zr-17 radial

programs that perform you chose your new honda xr or xrl because it has so many great features but there s more a lot more like all of the programs available to you as a honda owner take the honda protection plans for example they let you extend virtually all of your honda s great warranty coverage then there s the honda rider s club of america open to all honda owners the benefits ® alone make it a bargain just call 1-800-847-hrca interested in some accessories to make your xr even more fun make sure you check out our selection of honda genuine accessories time for service be sure to ask for pro hondatm oils and chemicals and if you re looking for a way to pay for your new honda xr or xrl we ve got two great suggestions first ask about the american honda finance corporation if you re a qualified buyer your dealer can set everything up for you right in the showroom another easy way is to put it on the honda card tm revolving charge card you can use the honda card to purchase honda