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Hondacare Breakdown Assistance - 0800 521 728
Honda Accident Assistance - 0800 521 728
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Honda Crosstourer Highlander Accessories 2013

Honda Crosstourer Highlander Accessories 2013 by Honda (UK)

The Crosstourer Highlander sets a new standard in full size adventure sports touring motorcycles. It offers a unique combination of V4 engine performance with advanced technology for stability and handling - when riding solo or with a pillion - on all types of road surface and for all lengths of journey. The Highlander features: An Alu-look Top Box offering 32L (expandable to 39L) of carrying capacity to store one full-face helmet and more. Featuring a quick-locking and easily detachable mounting system Aluminium-look 35 litre (right hand) & 39 litre (left hand) Panniers designed to look fully integrated on the Crosstourer. The left pannier will hold most full-face helmets and they are lockable with the motorcycle key. Mainstand for more secure parking on variable ground surfaces and to facilitate cleaning and rear wheel maintenance. Engine bar and accessory rail. Protect the front cowl with this tubular-steel frame,specifically designed for the Crosstourer. 360 degree Heated Grips with integrated control for maximum rider-comfort. Features 3-step variable heating levels, with integrated circuit to protect the battery from draining and smart heat allocation that focuses on the area of the hands that are most sensitive to the cold. A Touring Windscreen made of polycarbonate that is 145mm higher than the standard version for improved protection and rider comfort A pair of Side Deflectors that fit to the upper and lower fairing and extend the amount of wind protection for both rider and pillion. Tank Pad that will help protect the fuel tank from scratches. Fog lights for those gloomy days and nights or when riding in mountain cloud. A pair of adjustable bright white LED Front Fog Lamps with a single switch bracket.

Honda Crosstourer Accessories 2013

Honda Crosstourer Accessories 2013 by Honda (UK)

Honda is proud to announce the expansion of its state-of-the-art V4 model line-up by introducing the new Crosstourer, first launched as a concept model in 2010 at the Milan EICMA show. The Crosstourer will deliver all the fun and excitement of a sports tourer; with the comfortable upright riding position and manoeuvrability of an adventure machine. This is underpinned by Honda's V4 expertise and Dual Clutch Transmission with new functionalities. The development team wanted to create a motorcycle that gave the rider a sense of challenge and adventure; a perfect travel companion, while also offering a premium and unique design complemented by cutting edge technologies; A motorcycle that could conquer a long distance journey on fast major roads and motorways, or embark on an adventure to a remote destination in the mountains. The Crosstourer delivers this by combining sports touring features, such as the powerful V4 engine configuration also found in the VFR1200F, with features found on off-road motorcycles such as long travel suspension and an upright riding position. This crossover between two biking genres makes the Crosstourer a unique and versatile package. Long-travel suspension - a feature of off-road machinery - smooths travel over rough terrain or on uneven road surfaces. The rugged suspension system also enhances ride quality and handling. The upright riding position provides comfort and command and outstanding visibility for the rider. Like the Crossrunner, unveiled at EICMA in 2010, the Crosstourer provides the power of a V4 engine packaged in a crossover motorcycle. Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission system is a perfect fit with the Crosstourer's advanced, pioneering spirit. The twin-clutch transmission offers both manual gear shifting, using buttons on the handlebars, and stress-free fully automatic functionality which can be manually overridden whenever the rider chooses. The machine also comes equipped with a Traction Control System, which increases rider's reassurance on low-friction riding surfaces, ensuring the engine never transmits more power than the rear tyre can handle. Refinements such as Honda's Combined Anti-lock Braking System underline the motorcycle's all-weather, all-road capability - this machine really is ready for anything. The Crosstourer sets a new standard in full size sport adventure sports touring motorcycles. It offers a unique combination of V4 engine performance with advanced technology for stability and handling - when riding solo or with a pillion - on all types of road surface and for all lengths of journey.

Honda XL1000V Varadero Accessories 2013

Honda XL1000V Varadero Accessories 2013 by Honda (UK)

The XL1000V Varadero makes every journey a welcome escape, whether you're aiming to reach the highest peak by the end of the day or simply beat the traffic for a stress-free commute. Powered by a strong reliable V-twin engine, and boasting a comfortably contoured seat and a wide windscreen, it offers a superbly comfortable ride for you and a passenger, and welcome wind protection. The handling is smooth and nimble and the long-travel suspension accommodating enough to negotiate unpredictable off-road surfaces as well as city streets. A combined ABS version offers effortlessly responsive brake control and its imposing, angular bodywork and focused, gleaming contours exude an air of confidence that matches its long experience, exhilarating performance capabilities and outstanding reputation for reliability. The ever-eager Varadero is happy to tackle any riding situation, and always ready for a change of scenery.

Honda Crossrunner Accessories 2013

Honda Crossrunner Accessories 2013 by Honda (UK)

The Crossrunner provides all day comfort and effortless handling in the city, exhilarating performance on the open road and the ground clearance and suspension travel needed to truly bring out the adventurer in you. A 782cc V4 engine provides the Crossrunner with an incredibly smooth power output. Honda technicians reengineered their renowned V4 technology specifically for this bike so that it combines a smooth power surge with the energy of an Adventure bike. Wide handlebars and an upright position have been incorporated to give high levels of stability and manoeuvrability as well as all day comfort and great visibility. The dual layered fairing completes the rugged, purposeful look and benefits the riding dynamics by enhancing stability at higher speeds. The Crossrunner has been created to give riders great flexibility. Designed with pillion in mind, the seat positions the passenger on the same level as the rider, shielding them from the wind and creating a feeling of comfort and safety. With great handling and stability, good ground clearance and ample suspension travel you can take on the bumpiest cobbled roads and dust tracks to get to your destination.

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Honda XL700V Transalp Accessories 2013

Honda XL700V Transalp Accessories 2013 by Honda (UK)

The XL700V Transalp is a highly versatile mid-sized motorcycle. Its Adventure Sports styling is characterised by compact, sporty bodywork and unique graphics. The heart of the XL700V Transalp is a smooth-revving 680cc fuel-injected V-twin engine. It delivers impressive roll-on acceleration and strong, torque-filled performance, especially in its wide midrange. A natural riding position and reliable Pro-Link rear suspension increase the bikes versatility for commuting and urban transport as well as adventures off the beaten path. A long-travel front suspension system, wide tyres and strong, responsive C-ABS brakes add to the feeling of control and ensure smooth, confident braking in all circumstances while the narrow front cowl features a neatly integrated windscreen for excellent wind protection. Smooth and stylish as well as ruggedly durable, the XL700V Transalp as a true all-rounder is great.

Honda NC700X Accessories 2013

Honda NC700X Accessories 2013 by Honda (UK)

The NC700X redefines the multi-role motorcycle by uniting a strong, fuel-efficient engine with a comfortable riding position and a versatile chassis. Ideally suited to commuting during the working week, the bike also inspires an adventurous spirit at the weekend. A long tour, a leisurely ride into the countryside or a trip into the city with a passenger to meet friends - the NC700X is ready for anything. Practicality and convenience The NC700X features an internal storage space large enough to hold a full-face helmet, a waterproof suit or a bag. Together with the fuel filler cap, this space is accessed using a key to unlock and flip-up the seat. The fuel tank holds 14.1 litres - enough for an impressive range of nearly 400km (250 miles) between fill-ups. Since this range is due to engine efficiency, not a large fuel tank, it comes without the penalty of additional weight or bulk, and also ensures low running costs. Commanding riding position The NC700X has a relaxed and comfortable upright riding position with a higher viewpoint for enhanced hazard perception. Another advantage of this off-road inspired riding position is great low-speed control. Combined with the machine's low centre of gravity and generous steering lock, the result is exceptional low-speed handling and agility. In busy traffic and on twisting roads the NC700X is a confidence-inspiring ally. Thanks to its carefully shaped fairing the machine is equally comfortable when cruising at speed. The windscreen and bodywork divert wind around the rider, minimising fatigue. The option of Hondas Dual Clutch transmission takes ease of use to new heights on the NC700X, offering either manual shifts at the push of a button or fully automatic functionality, just twist and go. The system hydraulically controls each clutch as required, delivering swift, smooth and seamless gearshifts. This smoothness is particularly beneficial when carrying a passenger.

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Honda CB500X Accessories 2013

Honda CB500X Accessories 2013 by Honda (UK)

For any rider making the move from a 125, or holding an A2 licence the twin-cylinder offers adventure sports style and substance in an agile, accessible package. The CB500X, with its relaxed, upright riding position and wide handlebars will give anyone looking for their first adventure sports bike an exhilarating experience. Its lightweight manoeuvrability and excellent visibility also ensure it works equally well in urban environments.

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