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community college cover design this cover design brings to harmony the many exciting programs that make honolulu community college a wonderful and exciting place to be and to grow in the butterflies and flowers represent programs that cultivate esthetics and beauty such as cosmetology fashion technology and communication arts the machinery represents the industrial trade programs such as automotive technology carpentry technology and diesel mechanics technology the arrow represents the transition of liberal arts students onward to 4-year institutions this cover was designed to give the viewer an energetic and enlightening experience this catalog provides general information about honolulu community college hcc its programs services major policies and procedures of relevance to students this catalog is prepared to provide information and does not constitute a contract the college reserves the right to without prior notice change or delete supplement or otherwise amend at any time the

services financial aid honolulu community college general aid fund scholarships were created to provide general support for students at hcc who demonstrate financial need applicants must have a cumulative gpa of at least 2.0 be accepted in a degree-seeking program at hcc and be enrolled at least half-time applicants must apply for financial aid using the free application for federal student aid fafsa and submit a personal statement ngo wong loo and man kwong loo memorial scholarships were established in loving memory of ngo wong loo and man kwong loo by their children in 1994 for a graduating senior with potential for success in the academic realm applicants must be graduating high school seniors with a minimum high school gpa of c and hawai’i residents who show financial need are accepted into a degree-seeking program at hcc and enrolled full-time applicants must apply for financial aid using the free application for federal student aid fafsa and submit a personal statement

academic regulations credits grades exams college-credit equivalency honolulu community college recognizes that there are experiences outside of the college classroom that can provide college-level competency students with such life experiences may choose to validate their expertise through a number of evaluation procedures students should be aware however that transfer credits awarded by hcc may be reevaluated and not necessarily accepted by another institution when transferring nationwide equivalency examination students may apply for credits by having official transcripts from examination programs sent to the records office examination programs are administered by the college entrance examination board of the college board with the assistance of the educational testing service these examination programs include the college level examination program clep the advanced placement ap examinations and the defense activity for nontraditional educational support dantes a testing

degrees certificates liberal arts all courses taken for an a.a degree are transferable within the uh system however some programs and majors may require additional coursework beyond those required for the a.a degree for example some programs require competency in a second language in addition to english students should consult a liberal arts academic counselor or pre-major advisor for example pre-business or pre-education for assistance in planning which courses will fulfill graduation requirements for the transfer institution’s bachelor’s degree program counselors can assist students in selecting a major with courses that have already been taken that are transferable students should be aware of application deadlines for schools they plan to transfer to for uh-manoa priority deadlines are february 1 for the fall semester and september 1 for the spring semester final deadlines are may 1 for the fall semester and october 1 for the spring semester international applicants

avit career technical programs avit commercial aviation stu avit dents may lo g up to 25 0 ur so program student learning outcomes slo upon successful completion of the avit program students will be able to • d  emonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to safety exercise the privileges and responsibilities of a commercial/instrument pilot acting as pilot-in-command of a multi-engine airplane • o  btain the commercial pilot certificate multi-engine land rating as outlined in the appropriate faa practical test standards and federal aviation regulations • i dentify aircraft design engine design airports aviation support facilities and the practical economics of airline operations as they support the air transportation industry • d  emonstrate knowledge of air traffic control atc technology and terminology career requirements components and function of the national airspace system and terminal and enroute atc facilities as they support the atc system avit

career technical programs hser hser human services web site http tech.honolulu.hawaii.edu/hser hser stud faculty elliott higa ent sp rac ti c ei program mission the human services program’s mission is to prepare individuals for employment as human services workers and to support those who wish to transfer to baccalaureate human services and social work programs er v nt ie w echniques ing t program description the human services program is designed for people interested in working as human service workers in diverse settings such as group homes mental retardation and community mental health centers family child and youth service agencies and programs concerned with alcoholism drug abuse family violence and aging field experience or work practicum is an important feature of this program in which students have supervised work experiences in a community setting program student learning outcomes slo upon successful completion of the hser program students will be able to

special programs courses construction academy coordinator michael barros 808 832-3702 michael@hcc.hawaii.edu the community college system in partnership with participating department of education high schools statewide on the islands of o‘ahu kaua‘i maui lana’i moloka’i and hawai‘i comprise the construction academy its mission is to prepare high school students with the technical academic and employability skills necessary to pursue a career in the construction industry through promoting employability in the building and construction field to do this the construction academy utilizes a hands-on approach to learning that requires students to apply skills in math communication technology problem solving and most importantly teamwork participating students who demonstrate proficiency in all identified course standards and student learner outcomes are awarded both high school and college credit these students will be able to use the college credits they

chns course descriptions introductory chemistry course covering basic and applied chemistry necessary for understanding toxicological and environmental effects of chemicals coordinated lecture and laboratory activities in basic chemistry hazardous materials applied biochemistry and environmental chemistry 3 hrs lect 3 hrs lab per week chem 151 elementary survey of chemistry 3 prerequisite math 25 or placement in math 27/103 corequisite chem 151l intended to provide the beginning student with a non-rigorous but adequate background in the fundamentals of chemistry suitable for students preparing for training in the life sciences and for those seeking a practical approach to chemistry 3 hrs lect per week chem 151l elementary survey of chemistry laboratory 1 prerequisite math 25 or placement in math 27/103 corequisite chem 151 experiments introducing laboratory techniques and illustrating chemical principles 3 hrs lab per week chem 152 survey of organic bioorganic chemistry 3

course descriptions fshn fire 280b firefighter i lab 4 prerequisite fire 100 102 107 and 111 corequisite fire 280a recommended prep fire 119b and fire 119c instructor approval required fire majors only this course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to function as an integral member of a firefighting team under direct supervision in hazardous conditions the program consists of two courses the course involves practical skill training the corequisite course fire 280a is completed in an online virtual classroom completion of both courses will result in fire fighter 1 certification graded on a cr/n basis 7 hrs lect lab per week the characteristics physiological functions and food sources of the nutrients the production of a safe food supply with emphasis on safe food handling and government regulations that protect the food supply may be taken on a cr/n basis 3 hrs lect per week fire 280c firefighter ii 12 prerequisite fire 280a and fire 280b recommended prep fire 119b

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