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153811_1 cover-intro 2014_corr05.02.14_1 05/02/2014 10:42 page 4 hoover the iconic original a lot has happened in the last 100 years and life today is very different to how it was when we created the world’s first upright vacuum cleaner in fact the increasing demands of busier more complex lives has meant that change is something we’ve had to not just get used to but to anticipate and make the most of the original 1908 cleaner has been joined by generation upon generation of new products and innovations all designed to meet the continuing needs of people their homes and latterly the planet so as we look forward to our next hundred years and the needs of future generations we’re pretty sure that change will be one of the few unchanging things this is why hoover created ‘generation future’ a lasting stamp of assurance that we’re dedicated to creating and providing today what customers will demand as the standard of tomorrow from floorcare to

153811_1 cover-intro 2014_corr05.02.14_1 05/02/2014 10:43 page 9 boasts even more intelligent use of space more efficient more intelligence more technology the dynamic 11 10kg achieves an outstanding ‘a ’ energy efficiency rating reducing your energy and water consumption without compromising wash performance what’s more the consumption of energy and water is adjusted to reflect the load quantity thus avoiding wastage the intelligent kg mode sensor weighs the laundry and adjusts the cycle time water and electricity consumption to suit the size of the load this gives you the optimum consumption even if you are only washing one shirt the drum also features our unique 3d dynamic wash system that delivers the ultimate ‘a’ rated wash performance for a large load it achieves this through a combination of three special features savings based on 10 year old hoover washing machine consumption and equivalent kg of clothes per year the rapid 14 cycle is perfect

153811_1 cover-intro 2014_corr11_02_14_1 11/02/2014 19:45 page 13 bigger capacity washer dryers dynamic 9 kg wash aquavision tumble dryers 6 kg dry dynamic all hoover washer dryers incorporate three levels of auto sensor drying that protect your clothes and save electricity by taking the guesswork out of setting the drying time you simply select the degree of dryness you require and the dryer switches off automatically when it is reached 9 kg dry with the latest technology and stylish design the hoover dynamic condenser tumble dryer range gives you an extra large 9kg capacity steam is condensed into water and stored in the large aquavision container for emptying more control advanced programmes for real needs more efficient more control also available 3 levels of automatic sensor drying dynamic 8 5 6 +5 kg wash kg dry kg kg wash dry the excellent ‘b’ energy performance of the dynamic sensor dryers saves electricity and carbon emissions also available dynamic 8 tech 9

153811_2 laundry 2014_corr05.02.14_1 05/02/2014 11:48 page 18

153811_2 laundry 2014_corr11_02_14_1 11/02/2014 18:51 page 22 22 ● 10kg load ● 10kg load ● 1400rpm spin speed ● 1600rpm spin speed ● 1400rpm spin speed ● ● ● 8 pulse technology ● 8 pulse technology super silent ● super silent 8 pulse technology ● ● kg mode ● kg mode ● lcd display ● ● all in one programme ● ● all delicate ● ● dynamic 8kg 8 pulse dyn8144dg8 11kg load dynamic 10kg 8 pulse dyn10146pg8 ● dynamic 10kg 8 pulse dyn10166p8 dynamic 11kg 8 pulse dyn11146pg8ch all in one washing machines ● 8kg load ● 1400rpm spin speed ● 8 pulse technology super silent ● kg mode ● kg mode ● all in one programme lcd display ● lcd display ● rapid 14 minute wash all in one programme ● all in one programme ● variable temperature ● all delicate ● all delicate ● variable spin all baby ● all

153811_2 laundry 2014_corr11_02_14_1 11/02/2014 19:24 page 26 washer dryers dynamic visionhd washer dryers the dynamic range of advanced easy to use washer dryers combines all the features of a hoover washing machine with the convenience of a dryer and offers a choice of practical large load capacity laundry solutions the dynamic 11 can wash a massive 11kg load and dry an impressive 7kg the dynamic 9 offers a 9kg wash and 6 kg dry load whilst the dynamic 8 offers an 8kg wash load and dry load of 5kg and the vision 6 can wash a 6kg load and dry 5kg all vision 6 offer spin options of up to 1600rpm plus all the advanced features of our washing machines including the intelligent wash system to give you the best wash ever with the minimum of effort 8 pulse technology the revolutionary 8 pulse system uses eight jets built into the machine’s drum to deliver a detergent and water solution directly to the heart of the laundry producing a brighter cleaner wash every time auto sensor

153811_2 laundry 2014_corr11_02_14_1 11/02/2014 19:41 page 31 tumble dryers vented vision tech vtv580nc vented visionhd vhv781nc visionhd vhc580nc condenser ● 8kg load capacity ● 8kg load capacity ● 8kg load capacity ● 4 sensor dry programmes ● glass door ● 4 sensor dry programmes ● delicate ‘wool finish’ cycle ● 4 sensor dry programmes ● timed drying options 180 ● timed drying options 180 ● delicate ‘wool finish’ cycle ● delicate ‘wool finish’ cycle ● 9hrs delay start ● 24hrs delay start ● 9hrs delay start ● anti crease cycle ● countdown display ● anti crease cycle ● rapid 40 programme ● timed drying options 180 ● rapid 40 programme ● relax programme ● relax programme ● shirts programme ● highly efficient reverse action ● mix dry programme ● mix dry programme ● ‘empty

153811_2 laundry 2014_corr11_02_14_1 11/02/2014 19:43 page 35 slimline 10 place heds1064 dynamic 12 place ddy062s dynamic 3d 15 place ddyo88t dynamic 12 place ddy062 dishwashers ● 15 place settings ● 12 place settings ● 12 place settings ● 10 place settings ● dynamic 3d drawer ● led programme status ● led programme status ● led programme status ● digital display ● 12 programmes ● 12 programmes ● 6 programmes ● 12 programmes ● 6 temperatures ● 6 temperatures ● 4 temperatures ● 6 temperatures ● 9hrs delay start ● 9hrs delay start ● rapid wash option ● 24hrs delay start ● 29 minute rapid wash ● 29 minute rapid wash ● adjustable upper basket ● super eco button ● hygienic plus cycle ● hygienic plus cycle ● white ● hygienic plus cycle ● adjustable upper basket ● adjustable upper basket ● aaa ●

153811_3 refrigeration 2014_corr05.02.14_1 05/02/2014 08:01 page 5 hfze6085we hst5143we hrfa54s l 40 hfle6085we 54cm fridge freezers 50/50 split l 166l net capacity fridge l 146l net capacity fridge l 93l net capacity freezer l 140l net capacity fridge l 38l net capacity freezer l glass shelves l 3 transparent freezer drawers l 102l net capacity freezer l freezing capacity 2.5kg l versatile door storage l freezing capacity 4.5kg l 4 transparent freezer drawers l glass shelves l white l white l glass shelves l interior chrome finishes l a energy efficiency l a energy efficiency l interior chrome finished l white l 85 x 60 x 60cm l 85 x 60 x 60cm l wine rack l a energy efficiency l reversible doors l 141 x 54.5 x 60cm l silver l a energy efficiency l 175 x 55 x

44 type model no model name key features load kgs aquavision sensor dry system delay start hrs digital display led display countdown display reverse drying action easy empty top condenser drawer floor level condenser reservoir glass door large door for easy opening performance energy efficiency option buttons on/off start/reset delay start acrylic/synthetic low heat memo option empty water indicator filter care indicator programmes 4 levels sensor drying delay start delicate wool finish fast iron relax rapid 40 shirts mix and dry refresh cycle timed drying mins heat settings specifications colour automatic safety door annual energy consumption voltage v rated wattage w weight packed kgs weight unpacked kgs dimensions packed hxwxd cm dimensions unpacked hxwxd cm order code bar code condenser dyh 9913na1x dynamic condenser dyc7813nb dynamic condenser vtc 791nb dynamic condenser vtc 591nb vision tech vented vhv 781nc vision hd condenser vhc 580nc vision tech vented vtv 580nc vision tech

153811_4 hoover specification 2014_corr05.02.14_1 05/02/2014 10:31 page 8 every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this brochure is correct at the time of going to print please refer to manufacturers instruction books for further appliance guidance prior to use hoover policy is one of continuous development and accordingly we reserve the right to alter specification without notice note colours reproduced in this brochure may vary from the actual product due to the limitations of the printing process feb