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evident fahrion clamping systems can manage highly complex challenges at the same time we have done everything to ensure that our solutions remain conceivably uncomplicated and highly transparent for you this way you can assure a distinct advantage in terms of profitability focused on the user fahrion user-friendliness starts with the product range we provide exactly those solutions which you need in your daily work – and only technology which really provides functionality enters fahrion’s clamping systems 4 fahrion tool clamping in addition to the common models we offer products which meet very special process requirements that are easily assembled and effectively used we support you with all our expertise in finding and using your dedicated fahrion solution – for example in the fahrion technology centre we convey broad know-how under real working

collets with corrosion protection of the functional surfaces in the μ-range fahrion|protect goes beyond all standards that you know in corrosion protection of clamping tools many clamping tools are not protected at all with others the corrosion protection is limited to the visible areas only or with cutting tools with insert pockets only an accuracy of about 0.01 mm is required fahrion is the first manufacturer to offer a coating of the functional surfaces in the μ-range – over its complete and finely tuned product range fahrion|protect conserves fahrion collets effectively from external influences and preserves their functionality and precision for a longer time that is how fahrion shows once again in an impressive way how advanced technology can be brought to the market as an integrated customer solution optimize your work in many ways coated collets by fahrion are corrosion protection quality protection investment protection and environmental protection all in one the

quality pays blue ring quality official designation of 2μm collets fahrion trademark for tested quality made in germany series-no higher tool working life lower tool costs less setting up time lower production costs better surface finishes and tighter production tolerances improved quality collet size diameter effect of runout on the cutting edges influence of collet accuracy on the life of carbide cutting tools tool life 250 fahrion gerc-hp hpd hpdd 200 fahrion gerc-b bd 150 100 irregular load on the cutting edges wear on tool increases surface quality of the workpiece is getting worse feed has to be reduced din class 2 k2 50 0 1 μm 3 μm 4 μm 8 μm 9 μm 12 μm 15 μm 18 μm 25 μm collet runout cost example for a carbide drill Ø 12 mm with collet din iso 15488 form b type 470 e example 1 system concentricity ≤ 10 μm example 2 system concentricity ≤ 25 μm cost of a carbide drill cost of a carbide drill approx 105,00 cost fahrion

precision collets gerc-bd similar to din iso 15488-a concentricity and repeatability concentricity see atability 5 μm application for inner coolant supply collapse h8 i.e only nominal size can be clamped in chart/repe special features with seals for inner coolant supply can be used up to 120 bar remark shafts with lateral flat can be used under certain circumstances i.e the flat must be behind the rubber seals in order to reach a complete sealing precision collets gerc-bd with seals for ic inner coolant supply 5 μm e-no description 4012e gerc11-bd 425e gerc16-bd order-no t 1372101 1372104 1372301 1372304 d l 11,2 18 16,7 27,5 20,7 31,5 1372404 1372501 429e gerc25-bd 25,7 34 1372504 5 μm 32,7 40 40,7 46 h8 471e gerc40-bd 1372604 1372701 3,0-10,0 12 fahrion tool clamping 1,0 1,0 1/8”•3/16“•1/4”•5/16“•3/8”•7/16”• 1/2” 1,0

precision collets gerc-hpd similar to din iso 15488-a concentricity and repeatability average of 3 μm in the precision collet chucks centro|p at a distance of 3xd max 50 mm application for inner coolant supply when hsc machining and high precision machining when used in centro|p collapse h8 i.e only nominal size can be clamped special features with seals for inner coolant supply can be used up to 120 bar • colored ring only for identification no sealing function remark shafts with lateral flat can be used under certain circumstances i.e the flat must be behind the rubber seals in order to achieve a complete sealing precision collets gerc-hpd with seals for ic inner coolant supply 2 μm e-no description 4012e gerc11-hpd order-no t 1362101 1362104 d l 11,2 18 16,7 27,5 427e gerc20-hpd 1362304 471e gerc40-hpd 1362404 20,7 31,5 3,0-16,0 2 μm 1362504 h8 25,7 34 1362604 1362701 32,7 40 40,7 46 1,0 1,0

tap collets gerc-gbd similar to din iso 15488-a concentricity and repeatability concentricity see chart/repeatability 6 μm application for tapping collapse h8 i.e only nominal size can be clamped in special features with internal square drive without axial compensation • with seals for inner coolant supply can be used up to 120 bar remark chart with tap shank dimensions din and iso see pages 26 and 27 in the appendix • for the same shank-Ø the din as well as the iso taps can be used tap collets gerc-gbd with internal square drive and seals for ic inner coolant supply 10 μm e-no description order-no 4031e gerc16-gbd 1382301 4276e gerc20-gbd 1382401 4282e gerc25-gbd 1382501 4537e gerc32-gbd 1382601 4716e gerc40-gbd 1382701 ordering example 4276e gerc20-gbd 16 fahrion tool clamping d 10 μm 10 μm 10 μm 10 μm 10 μm 16,7 20,7 25,7 32,7 40,7 l 27,5 l2 profile 2,8/2,1 3,5/2,7•4,0/3,2•4,5/3,55•5,0/4,0•

clamping nuts and sealing discs for precision collets din iso 15488 er/esx clamping nuts stm without slots description order-no max torque max r.p.m d l g stm16-b 2244200 50 nm 50.000 30 18 m22x1,5 stm20-b 2244300 75 nm 45.000 35 19 m25x1,5 stm25-b 2244400 85 nm 40.000 40 21 m32x1,5 stm32-b 2244500 105 nm 40.000 50 23 m40x1,5 stm40-b 2244600 150 nm 30.000 63 26 m50x1,5 execution with easyclick without slots • case-hardened 660 hv10 special features all collets with outside form din iso 15488 can be clamped mini clamping nuts stmm description order-no max torque max r.p.m d l g stm8m-b 2245000 8 nm 80.000 12 11 m10x0,75 stm11m-b 2245100 18 nm 70.000 16 12 m13x0,75 stm16m-b 2245200 28 nm 60.000 22 18 m19x1 stm20m-b 2245300 35 nm 50.000 28 19,5 m24x1 stm25m-b 2245400 40 nm 40.000 35 21 m30x1 execution extremely small external dimensions • case-hardened 540 hv10 application mainly used in multi-spindle drilling heads and cylindrical collet holders special features ground all

wrenches for clamping nuts din iso 15488 er/esx roller bearing wrenches ro with handle description order-no d for clamping nuts rod10 4996200 10 hpc8m ro16 4990400 16 stm11m•hpc11m+di ro22 4990500 22 stm16m+di•hpc16ms+di ro24 4990600 24 hpc16m+di•hpc16c+di ro30 4990800 30 stm16•hpc16+di•cp16-hss+di ro32 4991000 32 stm16e+di•stm20•hpc20+di•cp20-hss+di ro35 4991200 35 stm20e+di•stm25m+di ro40 4991400 40 stm25•hpc25+di•cp25-hss+di ro42 ro50 ro63 4991600 4991800 4992000 42 50 63 stm25e+di stm32•stm32e+di•hpc32+di•cp32-hss+di•hpc225+dig stm40•stm40e+di•hpc40+di•cp40-hss+di•hpc432+dig special features with standard handle remark the od of the clamping nuts must be produced within the din tolerances roller bearing heads dro description order-no d dro16 dro22 4993400 4993500 16 22 vkt 9x12 9x12 for clamping nuts stm11m•hpc11m+di stm16m+di•hpc16ms+di dro24 4993600 24

tightening torque tightening torque for clamping nuts din iso 15488 er/esx picture 1 collets type gerc8 with short bore picture 1 with through bore picture2 clamping nuts clamping-Ø max torque clamping-Ø max torque stm8m 1,0-2,5 5 nm 3,0-5,0 8 nm stm11d picture 2 gerc11 gerc16 gerc20 gerc25 stm11m 13 nm 1,0-2,5 18 nm 13 nm 24 nm stm16d stm16e stm16e-di 30 nm 50 nm stm16m stm16m-di 5,0-10,0 1,0-4,5 18 nm 28 nm stm16a 22 nm 35 nm stm20d stm20e stm20e-di 45 nm 75 nm stm20m stm20m-di 7,0-13,0 1,0-6,5 22 nm 35 nm stm20a 24 nm 40 nm stm25e stm25e-di 55 nm 85 nm stm25m stm25m-di 1,0-6,5 stm32e stm32e-di stm40e stm40e-di 24 nm 7,0-16,0 2,0-6,5 70 nm 7,0-20,0 100 nm 105 nm 60 nm 36 nm 3,0-7,5 40 nm 46 nm 28 nm stm32a gerc40 25 nm 3,0-7,0 stm11a stm25a gerc32 11 nm 8,0-26,0 150 nm remark the tables below show the maximum tightening torque values in relation to the clamping-Ø of the collet with short bore or through bore see pictures 1 and 2 • the smaller the clamping-Ø the

din tap shank dimensions din tap shank dimensions Øx 2,5x2,1 2,8x2,1 3,5x2,7 4x3 4,5x3,4 din 352 din5156 din5157 din 371 m1 m1 m1,1 m1,1 m1,2 m1,2 m1,4 m1,4 m1,6 m1,6 m1,8 m1,8 m2 m2 m2,2 m2,2 m2,5 m2,5+m2,6 m3 m3,5 m4 m3 m3,5 m4 5,5x4,5 m5 6x4,9 g1/16“ m6 m10 g1/8“ 8x6,2 9x7 m12 10x8 11x9 m14 m16 14x11 m18 18x14,5 20x16 bsw din 2183 m3,5 m4 m4 5/32“ m5 m5,5 m6 m5+m4,5 m6 m7 m7 1/4“ m6 m8 m8 m7 m9+m10 m9+m10 1/8“ 7/32“ 5/32“ no.8-32 no.12-24 1/4“-20 no.3-48 no.8-36 no.5-40 no.6-32 no.8-32 no.12-28 1/4“-28 m8 m11 m9 m12 m12 g3/8“ m12 1/4“ 7/16“ 5/16“ 1/4“ 3/8“ no.10-32 no.12-28 9/16“ 3/8“-16 1/4“-20 3/8“-24 5/16“-18 1/2“-13 3/8“-16 1/2“-20 m14 m14 g1/4“ m16 5/8“ 5/8“-11 5/8“-18 m18 m18 11/16“ 3/4“-10 3/4“-16 m20 g1/2“ m20 m20 13/16“ m5/8“ m22 m22 7/8“ m24 m24 15/16“

fahrion offers a wide selection of precision collets precision collet chucks as well as precision products for workpiece clamping which fulfill maximum requirements in terms of concentricity service life and manufacuring quality in doing so fahrion pays particular attention to user-friendly technology oriented towards the practical requirements of the users which is constantly advanced fahrion vertriebs-gmbh forststraße 54 73667 kaisersbach germany phone +49 7184 9282-0 fax +49 7184 9282-92 info@fahrion.de www.fahrion.de horn usa inc 320 premier court suite 205 franklin tn 37067 usa phone +1 888 818-4676 fax +1 615 771-4101 info@hornusa.com www.hornusa.com 09/15 kfahrionus.wz agentur-tandem.de fahrion and horn – partners in