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range introduction technology directory frost free super freeze never defrost your freezer again keep food as fresh as the day you bought it improved cold air circulation prevents ice from building up so you’ll never have to defrost your freezer again freezers for perfect freezing performance choose from a choice of heights widths and styles for your ideal solution for storing frozen items – because we love food as much as you do this option reduces the freezer temperature quickly to freeze fresh food fast keeping it as fresh as the day you bought it reversible doors reversible doors easy to change to suit your requirement whether your kitchen space only allows you to open your freezer a particular way or whether its personal preference you can easily reverse the door opening direction on all our hotpoint refrigeration products compare our ranges over counter under counter chest freezers integrated freezers taller than your worktop sits neatly under your worktop maximum storage capacity integrated behind cabinetry gives ultimate space for food 32 small but very spacious ideal for freezing lots of items neat hidden food preservation 60 cm wide compact and spacious maximum storage perfect under the worktop small but very spacious ideal for stocking up and freezing lots of items these 60cm wide under counter products are small enough to fit neatly under the worktop but large enough to store plenty of food our chest freezers are an ideal choice for those that like to stock up and freeze lots of food electronic frost guard 55 width cm compact size reduces ice build up so you defrost less often only 55cm wide perfect for smaller spaces this great feature means you don’t need to defrost your chest freezer as often and when you do it’s effortless this means less inconvinience having to move food in and out of your chest freezer on a regular basis these handy compact products at just 55cm wide are ideal for smaller spaces but still ensure great capacity for all your food discover more at 33