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4 211 7/16 Hex 1/4 7/16 100 3/16 Allen 1/4 3/8 220 1/4 Allen 5/16 7/16 200 1/4 Allen 5/16 7/16 300 5/16 Allen 3/8 9/16 400 3/8 Allen 1/2 11/16 311 1/2 Hex 5/16 1/2 500 9/16 Hex 3/8 9/16 600 9/16 Hex Deep 3/8 9/16 420 5/8 Hex 7/16 5/8 344 3/4 Hex 1/2 3/4 355 5/8 Hex 343 3/4 Hex 1/2 1-11/16 (w/shoulder) 342 (short) 3/4 Hex 1/2 1-11/16 (w/shoulder) Part Num. Wrench Size Shaft Size Head Size (outer diameter) Black HTB Skull HTS Hot Toppers are designed to friction fit on genuine Harley Davidson fasteners found on 1984 to present models. If you try them on other manufacturers fasteners and they NEW!

S O F T A I L 1 6 Ninety percent of the Hot Toppers are designed for a friction fit. But with some imagination and a drop of silicone, we can cover certain areas that need a Hot Topper like the air cleaner to the left featuring a HTD355 or a smaller HTD365 shown on our cover Softail and the Dyna on page 20. Snap 4 HTD265 over the stock screws on each side of the fork for a better look.

2 8 S P O R T S T E R To create an interesting contrast... or to achieve the total black out look... try Hot Toppers in black is not a reseller or dealer of HotToppers.

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