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4 211 7/16 Hex 1/4 7/16 100 3/16 Allen 1/4 3/8 220 1/4 Allen 5/16 7/16 200 1/4 Allen 5/16 7/16 300 5/16 Allen 3/8 9/16 400 3/8 Allen 1/2 11/16 311 1/2 Hex 5/16 1/2 500 9/16 Hex 3/8 9/16 600 9/16 Hex Deep 3/8 9/16 420 5/8 Hex 7/16 5/8 344 3/4 Hex 1/2 3/4 355 5/8 Hex 343 3/4 Hex 1/2 1-11/16 (w/shoulder) 342 (short) 3/4 Hex 1/2 1-11/16 (w/shoulder) Part Num. Wrench Size Shaft Size Head Size (outer diameter) Black HTB Skull HTS Hot Toppers are designed to friction fit on genuine Harley Davidson fasteners found on 1984 to present models. If you try them on other manufacturers fasteners and they NEW!

8 E V O T W I N C A M F L H R O A D K I N G HOT TOPPERS are made in the USA, chrome plated covers that friction fit snugly over original Harley-Davidson fasteners. They can be placed on 153 to 204 spots on your motorcycle

S O F T A I L WHY BUY HOT TOPPERS Hot Toppers improve your bikes appearance! You can get chrome without the rust. Hot Toppers enhance your cycle without the expensive labor to replace your original nuts and bolts. You wont have to buy expensive metal covers that will eventually corrode. 1 2

S O F T A I L 1 5


D Y N A 2 2

2 6

V R O D 3 0 THERE ARE 23 DIFFERENT HOT TOPPERS made to fit your Harley-Davidson. Hot Toppers are available in a variety of sizes and styles to cover many fasteners.

V R O D 3 3 You can avoid the labor expense on this job! This is a do-it-yourself exercise with the Hot Toppers piece-by-piece installation instruction guide. Available at Its easy and fun to do! Call toll free for help anytime 877-446-8867

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