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adiavent® adv content a adiavent® adv b air recirculation unit for cooling closed spaces c 1 use 8 2  construction and operation 8 3  technical data 13 4  design example 18 h 5 options 19 6  control system 19 7  transport and installation 20 8  specification texts 22 i j

adiavent® adv construction and operation abch drain precooler drain valve water tank with liquid level switch inlet process air fan pressure regulator not included in the scope of delivery supply air fan inlet valve supply air filter with filter monitoring supply air process air filter with filter monitoring extract air fresh air process air humidifier with balancing valves exhaust air process air cooler fresh air sensor supply air sensor room air sensor i j fig b3:  operational diagram

adiavent® adv technical data 3.8  dimensions and weights f 200 gbhuda cable feedthroughs for electric supply supply air duct connection water connection extract air duct connection table b8:  dimensional diagram 16

adiavent® adv transport and installation 7  transport and installation 7.2  hydraulic installation 7.1  assembly ■■ design the water piping with appropriate bolted joints which can be loosened tension-free and vibration-free ■■ provide a water filter filter fineness 200 µm and a pressure regulator 2 bar in the water supply caution risk of injury from incorrect handling transport and installation work may only be done by specialists ■■ the units can be mounted on the facade or on the roof ■■ a fork lift will be required to mount the unit on the facade ■■ in order to mount the unit on the roof a crane or a helicopter and 4 hoisting slings length approx 10 m are required if steel cables or chains are used the adiavent® unit must be adequately protected ■■ supply and extract air ducts are required ■■ air distribution within the building is necessary ■■

control system content a b c control system d i 1  general information 30 2  system setup 30 3  operating options 31 j 4  zone control panel 33 5  control components in the units 34 6 options 35

control system zone control panel 4  zone control panel adiavent® units are summarised into control zones which are controlled from the zone control panel the digizone controller ■■ controls operating modes ■■ transmits the fresh air and room temperature to the individual units ■■ sets the outputs for the “enable cooling” requirement message and the collective trouble indicator a design control panel coated sheet steel ral no 7035 short circuit resistance icw 10 ka eff connecting terminals top installation floor or wall installation environmental conditions b use indoors for each panel ambient temperature 5…40 °c 1 fresh air temperature sensor cable length max 170 m storage and transport - 25…55 °c 1 transformer 230 / 24 v ambient humidity max 50 rh at 40 °c max 90 rh at 20 °c 2 circuit breakers for transformer 1-pin table d6:  technical data of the zone control panel 1 relay c

system design base 1  base for the installation of the adiavent® unit a base is required please consider the following in the design process ■■ access doors and access panels air intake and exhaust air grille must be freely accessible ■■ the base must be perfectly flat and level with a maximum inclination of 1 ■■ the load-bearing capacity of the base are to be in accordance with table b9 dimensions and weights ■■ base borehole diagram e 2  hydraulic connection f when making the connection to the water system observe the following ■■ protect the water pipes against freezing ■■ limit the water resting pressure to 2 bar ■■ ensure a permanent water supply and drainage bcda dimensions table e1:  base borehole diagram 38 ■■ minimum distances see technical data chapter must be observed ■■ the included dowels are hard-designed for torn and untorn concrete

operation operation 1  operation 1.3  decommissioning 1.1  commissioning attention risk of property damage from commissioning on one s own authority commissioning to be performed by hoval customer service only  checklist to prepare for commissioning ■■ have all the connections to utilities been made electric cabling water piping and air duct connections ■■ are all control components installed and connected to the novanet system bus ■■ are all of the respective maintenance groups installer electrician designer etc present at the scheduled time ■■ are the system operating personnel present for training at the scheduled time attention risk of property damage from frost when decommissioning take adequate measures to protect the humidifier circuit against frost damage ■■ turn isolation switch to the off position and wait until the fans stop running ■■ turn off water supply open valves and

adiavent® design handbook subject to technical alterations 4 212 154 – edition 09 / 2014 © hoval aktiengesellschaft liechtenstein 2013 responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally known as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions more than 65 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional solutions and technically advanced equipment. maximising energy effi ciency and thus protecting  the environment are both our commitment and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and ventilation systems that are exported to over 50 countries worldwide hoval heating technology as a full range supplier hoval helps its customers to select innovative system solutions for a wide range of energy sources such as heat pumps