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belaria ® advantages at a glance economical ecological top marks for cost-effectiveness use of ecological ­environmental energy ▪▪ cost-efficient solution for renovations and new buildings ▪▪ environmentally friendly energy acquired from ambient air ▪▪ first-rate efficiency levels ▪▪ co2-neutral and particularly environmentally friendly when used in conjunction with green electricity ▪▪ savings in energy costs due to highly efficient pumps ▪▪ excellent cost-effectiveness reflected in up to 50 lower heating costs ▪▪ 100 independent of oil and gas sophisticated complete and flexible ▪▪ tailored solutions for renovations and new buildings ▪▪ fast installation due to ready-to-fit complete systems ▪▪ space-saving due to compact design ▪▪ suitable for bivalent operation due to intelligent toptronic® t controller easy to use simple planning quiet

belaria ® and belaria ® srm the right heat pump for any field of application modulating heat pumps in split design for renovations and new buildings belaria® srm belaria® compact srm belaria® sh heat pumps with a split design are complete cost-effective systems for lower energy demands they consist of two separate units ▪ outdoor unit to take in the ambient energy ▪ indoor unit to transmit the heat to the heating system their separate units make split systems particularly suited to use in renovations or locations with limited space the modulating models belaria®  srm belaria® compact srm belaria sh contain rpm-regulated compressors and can therefore adjust their output according to the required heat output 2 1 heat pumps in split design consist of 2 separate units 1 outdoor unit to take in the ambient energy 2 indoor unit to transmit the heat to the heating system ▪ space-saving due to compact design ▪ flexible positioning due to

“the hoval belaria ® is one of the most efficient heat pumps on the market – this has been tested and verified.” martin woerz director of product management heat pumps belaria ® belaria ® twin arco mpa ct ir the renowned ait austrian institute of technology certifies first-rate efficiency levels 7 1311_prospekt_belaria_v5_en_fl-en.indd 7 17.03.2014

belaria ® srm 4-16 belaria ® compact srm 4-16 modulating – for renovations and new buildings belaria ® srm indoor unit converts the energy from the refrigerant into thermal heat and transfers it to the underfloor heating or low-temperature radiators the indoor unit contains all the key assemblies and can be mounted on the wall easily quickly and in a way that saves space quiet economical outdoor units obtain ambient energy by evaporating and compressing the refrigerant the modulating rpm-regulated compressors and fans only generate the exact amount of heat required this improves efficiency while also ensuring lownoise operation depending on the energy demand the unit can be fitted with 1 or 2 fans belaria ® compact srm indoor unit in addition to the assemblies from the belaria® srm this compact standing unit also contains an integrated stainless steel calorifier belaria ® srm 11-16 outdoor unit belaria ® srm 4-8 outdoor unit ▪ cost-efficient

belaria ® sh 11-16 high flow temperatures for use with radiators and for producing hot water quiet economical outdoor unit extracts heat energy from the ambient air the system uses modulating and rpmregulated compressors and fans which means that it only generates the exact amount of heat required thus improving efficiency as well as ensuring low-noise operation compact indoor unit is quick and easy to install the expansion tank and the highly efficient heat circulation pump are already integrated the integrated rpm-regulated compressor heats the energy supplied by the outdoor unit to temperatures – required by the radiators – of up to 80 °c cascade technology 2 cooling circuits for high flow temperatures first circuit second circuit 1 outdoor unit energy recovery and first circuit 2 indoor unit second circuit for flow temperature of up to 80 °c 3 calorifier 4 existing radiators can continue to be used 5 solar installation 5 ▪ heat pumps can be used for

belaria ® compact i r 7-11 with integrated technical storage tank for indoor installation compact casing made from zinc-plated steel cold bridge-free design prevents heat loss side panels are powder-coated to ensure a long service life large evaporator with low pressure loss rpm-regulated centrifugal fan in the latest design extremely quiet and efficient electrical control panel with starting stage and automatic heat pump devices hoval toptronic ® t/uwp controller that can be operated from outside left or right positioning of air outlet possible cold circuit with refrigerant r410a controlled by an electronic expansion valve integrated expansion tank scroll compressor for maximum efficiency and low-vibration operation technical storage tank integrated into the base guarantees reliable operation and reduces sound emissions ▪ integrated technical storage tank ▪ extremely high cop ▪ compact dimensions belaria compact ir in the latest design air outlet can be

belaria ® twin a 17-32 ▪ belaria ® twin ar 17-32 outdoor installation and 2 output levels for optimum efficiency microprocessor control for optimum operation of the heat pump rpm-regulated axial fan for very quiet operation and low energy consumption weatherproof casing cold circuit with refrigerant r410a ▪ outdoor installation ▪ 3 output ratings from 17 to 32 kw 2 scroll compressors for high efficiency ▪ 2 compressors resulting in 2 output stages ▪ latest fan technology for low noise emissions large evaporator with low pressure loss ▪ optional cooling function r model ▪ toptronic t/uwp controller in wall-mounted control panel inside the building ® technical data belaria ® twin a/ar heat output 1st/2nd stage kw cop 1st/2nd stage twin a 17 twin a 24 twin a 32 twin ar 17 twin ar 24 twin ar 32 10.3 17.2 13.1 23.7 18.6 31.6 10.3 17.2 13.1 23.7 18.6 31.6 4.6 4.1 4.6 4.1 4.5 4.0 4.6 4.1 4.6 4.1 4.5 4.0 cooling capacity

belaria ® in practice as versatile as the requirements heating renovation in a large single family home belaria ® twin a outdoor installation the existing oil-fired heating has been replaced by an belaria® twin a 17 as a result of disposing of the oilfired boiler and oil tanks the former boiler room can now be used for other things in addition to the transition to environmentally friendly energy energy costs for heating and hot water were ­significantly reduced heating renovation with the belaria ® twin a 17 cascade for improved output as part of a heating renovation of a public building 2 belaria ® 33 ingeniously installed on the flat roof for higher outputs – and even higher efficiency – several hoval air heat pumps can be operated as a cascade control is carried out using the standard cascade function built into the hoval toptronic ® t the installation of the 2 belaria® pumps on the unused flat roof is unobtrusive and creates space

intelligent toptronic ® t controller for a perfectly coordinated overall solution intelligent command centre with flexible expansion options the toptronic ® t controller is a component part of every hoval heat generator and is responsible for controlling every aspect of the heating system it guarantees energy-efficient interaction between the heat generator and the system components toptronic ® t basic configuration for a wide range of applications 1 direct heating circuit 1 mixer circuit e.g underfloor heating the basic version controls a heating and mixer circuit as well as the hot water charging plug-in key modules make it easy to add up to 3 extra functions without the need for additional controllers ▪ 1 solar installation ▪ 1 additional mixer circuit ▪ buffer management for system solutions with buffer storage tanks or bivalent operation with an additional heat generator the basic version also includes a cascade function this ensures the efficient

hoval system solutions all components from a single source hoval comfort ventilation ensures a continuous regulated supply of fresh air by recovering heat and moisture the system ensures a well-balanced indoor climate whilst also preventing energy loss through open windows furthermore the fresh air is filtered to remove pollen and other airborne particles hoval solar installations supply a large proportion of the energy for heating water and/or for supporting the heating system they can be integrated seamlessly into the hoval heating system using the solar installation module for the toptronic ® t controller belaria ® air/water heat pumps obtain energy for heating and hot water from ambient air hoval toptronic ® t controller is the brain of the system it ensures efficient interaction between the system components it can be expanded to provide additional functions using key modules heat pump calorifier uses heat pump technology to heat water efficiently the perfect addition to

responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally recognised as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions around 70 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional solutions and technically superior equipment maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our conviction and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and climate control systems that are exported to over 50 countries worldwide hoval indoor climate systems indoor climate systems ensure top air quality and economical usability hoval has been installing decentralised systems for many years the key to its work is using combinations of multiple air conditioning units even those of different types that can be controlled individually but also together as a single system this enables hoval to respond flexibly to a wide range of requirements for