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high-efficient gas boiler compactgas patented alufer® for a high efficiency and low emission

compactgas 1000-2800 advantages at a glance the hoval compactgas fulfils all expectations with regard to comfort economy dependability and technical expertise compactgas offers highly efficient heating technology for systems that require higher system operating temperatures economical ecological cost effectiveness lowest emissions • cost-efficient solution due to low investment cost • environment friendly due to lowest noxious emission • best effectiveness due to built in alufer® heat exchanger pipes and efficiencies up to 97,5 • low co2 emissions due to minimal consumption • power saving and high efficiency due to large water capacity • outstanding emissions values due to power adjustment modulation of a lownox burner clever easy to use compact and complete 2 simple maintenance • large range of applications due to flexible combination options • easy to use due to intelligent design details • space-saving due to compact design

compactgas 1000-2800 featuring our patented alufer® heat exchanger m3 gas per year an investment that pays off 620 000 600 000 possible additional investment costs are quickly amortized by the high degree of efficiency in comparison with conventional highefficiency boilers these possible additional investment costs bring significant added benefits which become your profit a profit that is ultimately reflected in your bottom line 7 more gas consumption 3.8 more gas consumption 640 000 21480 m3/year 41911 m3/year return on investment 560 000 540 000 profit costs savings 580 000 500 000 compactgas 2800 modern 3-pass boiler 20 years old 3-pass boiler additional investment 520 000 time alufer® the hoval exclusivity with alufer®-heat exchangers developed by hoval heated exhaust gases can be cooled particularly efficiently thanks to the special tubing structure – aluminium for the gas tubing steel for the water tubing – the heat transfer to the boiler water has been

compactgas 1000 - 2800 innovative high efficiency boiler for medium sized commercial applications walkable boiler top significantly eases installation in a boiler room flue outlet at the front of the boiler for space-saving installation amply dimensioned combustion chamber for optimal and clean combustion flue gas collector alufer® heat exchanger ensures an excellent uniform heat transmission and low flue gas temperatures pivoting front door for simple cleaning and easy accessibility to the combustion chamber technical data compactgas 1000 1400 1800 2200 2800 standard efficiency at 80/60 °c kw 1000 1400 1800 2200 2800 nominal output range at 80/60 °c kw 300 – 1000 420 – 1400 540 – 1800 660 – 2200 840 2800 boiler efficiency at full load 80/60 °c hu kw 96.4 96.0 96.5 96.5 96.5 boiler efficiency at full load 80/60 °c ho kw 86.9 86.5 87.0 87.0 87.0 boiler efficiency at partial load 30  as per en 303

hoval compact gas installation hoval aktiengesellschaft fl hot water comfort flexibility to suit any need the biral circulation pumps hoval offers a comprehensive program of water heaters and storage systems for hot water preparation modul-plus high-performance semi instantaneous calorifier with counter flow principle for any desired capacity between 640 to 10‘000 litres per hour at 60°c combival calorifier with 200 to 2000 liter storage optionally with electrical heating element with the inclination towards renewable energy an increasing range of technologies is being integrated within buildings it can control systems with up to five heat generators and ten mixing circuits therefore a wide range of energy sources such as solar biomass and ambient heat can be utilised together delivering a well-coordinated system to meet your heating demands high system reliability is achieved with the high quality inline or base plate circulating pumps for heating plants and domestic hot

what you can count on clever and complete solutions from a single source consistent hoval system technology simplifies the links between different technologies and establishes a reliable platform for efficient and dependable solutions with us you can easily incorporate solar or biomass energy solutions into your heating system hoval – everything you need from one source planning support from experts hoval are happy to assist you and your planning partners in developing progressive systems allowing you to take advantage of our expertise and to count on the experience of our specialists ask about hoval system solutions and learn more about the many ways to combine highly efficient condensing boilers with our range of renewable products hoval service for specialist commissioning and maintenance of your hoval appliances contact our service and spare parts department or your local hoval partner this is your guarantee for economical operation reliability and added value the hoval