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high-output calorifier modul-plus efficient reliable and economical the modul-plus meets the highest standards in terms of continuous hot water production and water

modul-plus advantages at a glance thanks to its unique design modul-plus provides rapid temperature recovery and constant high efficiency heat transfer whilst offering reliable protection from legionella making it a popular choice for hotels leisure centres sports halls and large commercial properties the modul-plus can handle even the highest temperatures required by operations such as large farms or abattoirs with ease in addition it can easily be integrated with other hoval equipment as well as other makes of boilers economical cost efficient ▪▪ low power consumption as the sophisticated design enables low pressure drop to be achieved and allows for operation with just a single loading pump ▪▪ demand-led efficient solution due to 7 installation sizes and cascading option technologically advanced design protects against legionella ▪▪ legionella resistant due to hoval heat transfer system and ­ special ­cylinder design ▪▪ long

modul-plus unique solution for high hot water output with optimum protection against legionella the unique cell principle high peak capacity and huge continuous output central to hoval modul-plus are the integrated high grade steel heating cylinders the water content of each modular unit is 115 l and 1.42 m² of heating surface ensures an efficient heat transfer for each cylinder the large storage capacity guarantees an extra-ordinary high 10-minute output and the generous heating surface provides a high constant output constant heat transfer and easy to clean the heat transfer system for the modulplus is much more resistant to calcification than conventional calorifiers this results in constant heat transfer and significantly reduces the amount of maintenance required the stainless steel modular cells and robust design help to ensure a long service life particular attention has also been paid to making sure that the modul-plus is easy and convenient to clean and that

modul-plus modular cells offer maximum output of up to 17 5 00 l/h hot water connection heating flow ­connection insulation control panel with thermostat ready for connection rippled heat transfer surface with stainless steel outer shell rotating turbulence stream system for maximum heat transfer optimum enclosure of the sanitary hot water with heating water modular cylinder each one contains 115 l cold water connection inspection opening each cylinder can be ­accessed from the front and easily cleaned heating return connection technical data modul-plus f 21 f 31 f 41 f 51 f 32 f 42 f 52 continous output at 45°c l/h 2840 4600 6150 7900 9200 10500 15600 continous output at 60°c l/h 1300 2400 3200 3950 4800 5400 7400 peak output at 45°c width l/10 min 542 778 1113 1477 1556 2113 2877 mm 530 530 530 530 885 885 885 height mm 1615 1615 1800 2160 1615 1800 2160 depth mm 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 storage content l 230 345 460 575 690 920 1150

the modul-plus calorifier offers hot water outputs ranging from 640 to 17 500 l/h and reliable protection against legionella and other bacteria its compact design efficient heat transfer and flexibility when used in large-scale projects makes it the ideal choice for every investor modul-plus space-saving with the highest output levels

solutions you can rely on responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally recognised as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions around 70 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional ­solutions and technically superior equipment maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our conviction and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and climate control systems that are exported to over 50 ­countries worldwide clever and complete solutions from a single source consistent hoval system technology simplifies the links between different technologies and establishes a reliable ­platform for efficient and dependable solutions with us you can easily incorporate solar or biomass energy solutions into your heating system hoval – everything you need from one source planning