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tripple boiler cascade with digital control panel

modul-plus solution for high-rise

hotel esterel berlin de hoval equipment installed • 3 hot water boilers type giga-3 thw-i nte with each 1500 kw maximal 1956 kw • 11 semi instantenous hot water heater in the complete complex type modul-plus f52 with a capacity of 11’150 liter an hour • 3 natural gas burner make elmatic to suite the required

modul-plus is economical high economic viability– low costs  guaranteed enormous hot water production at peak times  boiler-modul-plus cascade systems due to the control toptronic® t  each individual modul-plus can be temperature

modul-plus is ecological no chance for legionella or other bacteria conservation of energy – protection of the environment  no possibility for breeding of legionaires disease due to the temperature and limited hot water storage  99 efficiency due to compact design and maximum insulation

modul-plus is clever compact and complete  very small dimensions allow to make the boiler room smaller less pipe work and fittings  very little weight per square meter footprint  easily to install an additional modul-plus unit for enlargement of the hot water production  all modul-plus types are able to

modul-plus in detail  for superior hot water supply and secure protection against legionella in large buildings  hygiene behaviour simply unique the hot-water cylinders that are positioned in sequence guarantee full flow – no dead zones  double cover heating cylinders made of stainless steel for highest hygiene standards  energy consumption modest principle of a flow heater  technology indestructible the robust build and the finish in high grade

modul-plus in detail hot water connection control panel with thermostat ripped heat transfer surface with stainless steel outer shell maximum heat transfer through rotating turbulence stream system inspection opening access from the front heating flow connection insulation optimal enclosure surrounding of the hot water with heating water cold water connection heating return

keep in mind  modular system for small medium or large dhw demand  small footprint low weight load  fresh dhw  hygienic water no legionella germs no stagnant zones  combine with hoval uno-3 max-3 compactgas thw-i nte boilers  optimal for split systems steam and hot water combined  highest

technologically superior indoor climate control solutions thank you for your