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system controller toptronic ® e the new generation smart – cosy climate even when the weather is changing ecological economical take responsibility for energy and environment and live comfortably at the same time this is now easier than ever before the new generation hoval boilers and heat pumps have best in class efficiency helping you to cut your energy bill with the new generation boilers and heat pumps from hoval you will use less energy reduce your environmental footprint and preserve the planet they give you real time and historical information about their performance and efficiency so you always have an overview on your energy costs with a click of a mouse reliable smart you can fully rely on us automatically use the weather forecast in real time to heat up your house in cold mornings but reduce the power in a warm afternoon the new generation hoval boilers and heat pumps will automatically inform you and our service when they need maintenance or repair a hoval

ultraoil ® 16 - 80 and 110 - 6 00d maximum efficiency low emissions alufer ® heat exchanger for maximum efficiency two-stage low-nox oil burner for minimum ­emissions and high efficiency separate high and low-temperature returns for optimum condensation hoval alufer® and advanced condensing boiler technology two-stage burner for maximum efficiency and low emissions separate high and low-temperature returns for optimum condensation state-of-the-art condensing boiler technology with the internationally patented hoval alufer ® heat exchanger enables an additional heat recovery of 15  compared to a low-temperature boiler thus making the ultraoil ® an economical and highly efficient alternative conventional burners can adapt their output to the demand only by switching on and off as they are dimensioned according to the maximum required output they run in start-stop operation for the majority of the time with the ultraoil ® there is the

and perfect for renovations for installation the ultraoil ® can easily be disassembled into 3 parts to fit into even very small basement rooms the ultraoil ® stands out owing to its compact design and low space requirements less planning required due to straightforward hydraulic integration into existing systems boiler can be disassembled for ease of installation in small ­basement rooms space-saving design large water capacity for straightforward integration into existing systems the large ultraoil ® 110 - 600d models are often the only choice for renovations because it has been designed so that it can be manoeuvred into and installed even in awkward spatial conditions all ultraoil ® models are compact units with no projecting attachments in the ultraoil ® 16-80 the boiler is vertical and in its big brother ultraoil ® 110600d it is arranged at an angle both models therefore feature a small footprint and low space requirements due to the large water

ultraoil ® 16 - 80 compact complete and flexible to install sound absorbing cowl with effective insulation protects against noise emissions and radiated heat losses two-stage low-nox oil burner matches output to need reduces the frequency of starts/stops and thus ­ensures clean low-emission and ­energy-saving combustion heating flow in the case of the ultraoil ® 16-50 can be connected on the left or right flexibly as the situation requires and simplifies installation especially when ­replacing existing systems the system can be positioned directly against the wall system controller toptronic ® e makes ecological economical reliable and smart heating easier than ever ­before concentric flue gas connection enables room-sealed operation and ensures a constant supply of fresh air guaranteeing uniformly good complete combustion compact casing and vertical design of the boiler for particularly space-­ saving installation alufer ® heat

ultraoil ® 110 - 300 ideal for renovations in large residential and commercial buildings heating flow separate high and low temperature returns create ideal conditions for condensation thereby enhancing energy recovery from the flue gases system controller toptronic ® e makes ecological economical reliable and smart heating easier than ever ­before integrated water pressure sensor for simple and time-saving installation highly effective thermal insulation provides effective protection against losses owing to heat dissipation water guidance profile separates cold and hot water zones and thus contributes to optimal ­condensation in the overall system alufer ® heat exchanger for maximum heat transmission and energy yield flue gas collector with plastic connectors neutraliser box substructure easy to disassemble simplifying transport ultraoil® double boiler hydraulic connections accessories ▪ hydraulic shut-off valves ▪ connections for

multijet ® 12 - 25 advantages at a glance the patented jet heat exchanger and two-stage low-nox burner are the technological core of the multijet ® with the latest condensing boiler technology for use with all types of heating oil it enables economical and responsible use of valuable energy compared to a low-temperature heating system efficiency is increased by up to 15 – reducing emissions by up to 20 at the same time the vertically layered arrangement of the seven jet stages gives the multijet ® its compact slim form flexible connections permit it to be installed close to walls saving additional space ecological economical exceptional efficiency due to jet technology ▪▪ high energy yield and low energy costs due to advanced condensing boiler technology with patented jet heat exchanger ▪▪ long service life due to corrosion-resistant stainless steel ▪▪ ideal economical solution for oil heating system upgrades in existing

multijet ® 12 - 25 condensing boiler technology with patented jet technology  the 7 stages of the jet heat exchanger ensure maximum heat transmission separate high-temperature and low-temperature returns increase the efficiency of the condensing boiler design two-stage low-nox oil burner ensures low ­emissions and high efficiency up to 15 more energy yield with jet technology and up to 20 lower emissions separate high and low-temperature returns for more efficient ­condensation two-stage burner for maximum efficiency and low emissions with its jet heat exchanger the multijet ® achieves a higher energy yield than conventional oil heating systems the jet inserts accelerate the hot flue gases which flow in from above and divert them at a right angle the hot gases strike the water-cooled heating surfaces perpendicularly at high speed thereby achieving maximum heat transmission rates with the multijet ® there is the option of allowing the return lines

 and frugal in every respect simple installation and integration into any system rapid return on investment owing to the large water capacity the multijet ® does not need a minimum amount of circulating water nor minimum boiler return or flue gas temperatures with the multijet ® you save up to 15 of the energy costs compared to a low-temperature boiler this makes the system straightforward to integrate hydraulically in any existing heating system – an installation advantage that makes the multijet ® the preferred choice for renovations in addition because of the low circulation volume and high temperature difference between the flow and return lines there is no need for a primary pump this saves energy the modest additional investment for the jet technology and high-quality materials is quickly compensated by the lower operating costs savings are even more pronounced when replacing an existing heating system the multijet ® reduces fuel costs by up to

hoval condensing oil boilers and up to 70 renewable energy solutions for the energy transition laws national laws within europe stipulate that a large percentage of the energy used for heat generation must come from renewable sources with the hoval ultraoil ® or multijet ® you can ensure compliance with these legal requirements whilst also enjoying the benefits of oil condensing technology bivalent systems from hoval are the solution for single-family homes and multi-dwellings the hoval condensing boilers can easily be combined with a solar energy for low to medium power outputs 10–70 kw condensing oil boiler and thermal solar energy system ▪▪ up to approx 70 kw ▪▪ percentage of renewable energy up to 30 annually ▪▪ toptronic ®  e system controller renewable energy 30 ▪▪ erp label in the system up to a ▪▪ rapid and efficient amortisation ultraoil ® multijet ® ultraoil ® multijet

ready for the energy transition laws system or an air heat pump for larger buildings combinations with wood pellet boilers or chp units are virtually the only way to achieve the required percentage of renewable energy hoval provides complete systems from a single source – perfectly coordinated and controlled centrally with the toptronic ® e system controller the best option for higher power outputs 100–1000 kw ultraoil® with wood pellet boiler ▪▪ up to approx 1000 kw ▪▪ percentage of renewable energy up to 70 annually ▪▪ precise power gradations due to flexible cascading ▪▪ not affected by price fluctuations on the oil or wood pellet market ▪▪ increased supply certainty ▪▪ toptronic ®  e system controller renewable energy 70 wood pellet boiler ultraoil ® condensing oil boiler biolyt ® wood pellet boiler buffer storage tank ultraoil ® buffer storage tank

responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally recognised as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions around 70 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional ­solutions and technically superior equipment maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our conviction and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and climate control systems that are exported to over 50 ­countries worldwide hoval indoor climate systems indoor climate systems ensure top air quality and economical usability hoval has been installing decentralised systems for many years the key to its work is using combinations of multiple air conditioning units even those of different types that can be controlled individually but also together as a single system this enables hoval to respond flexibly to a wide range