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multijet ® 12 - 25 advantages at a glance the patented jet heat exchanger and two-stage low-nox burner are the technological core of the multijet ® with the latest condensing boiler technology for use with all types of heating oil it enables economical and responsible use of valuable energy compared to a low-temperature heating system efficiency is increased by up to 15 – reducing emissions by up to 20 at the same time the vertically layered arrangement of the seven jet stages gives the multijet ® its compact slim form flexible connections permit it to be installed close to walls saving additional space ecological economical exceptional efficiency due to jet technology ▪▪ high energy yield and low energy costs due to advanced condensing boiler technology with patented jet heat exchanger ▪▪ long service life due to corrosion-resistant stainless steel ▪▪ ideal economical solution for oil heating system upgrades in existing buildings or for low energy houses low-emission operation ▪▪ clean and economical due to fewer start-stop ­procedures of the two-stage low-nox burner ▪▪ up to 50 lower pollutant emissions due to efficient combustion technology ▪▪ easily combined with solar installations to further improve the carbon footprint ▪▪ simple adjustment of operating times facilitates energy-conscious heating ▪▪ energy consumption indicator for permanent cost control easy to use sophisticated high thermal comfort ▪▪ high thermal comfort due to its predicting the future outside temperature and sunlight using an online weather forecast ▪▪ problem-free installation with straightforward integration into any system ▪▪ reliable and safe due to high-quality workmanship ▪▪ no need to empty the tank when replacing an old heating system due to the use of robust stainless steel 10 compact and space-saving ▪▪ low space requirements due to vertical design ▪▪ easy to install due to compact small dimensions ▪▪ suitable for all types of heating oil as well as biofuel and kerosene heating oil ▪▪ smartphone -app for easy adjustability whilst you’re on the road ­ and receiving system messages in real time