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multijet ® 12 - 25 condensing boiler technology with patented jet technology  the 7 stages of the jet heat exchanger ensure maximum heat transmission separate high-temperature and low-temperature returns increase the efficiency of the condensing boiler design two-stage low-nox oil burner ensures low ­emissions and high efficiency up to 15 more energy yield with jet technology and up to 20 lower emissions separate high and low-temperature returns for more efficient ­condensation two-stage burner for maximum efficiency and low emissions with its jet heat exchanger the multijet ® achieves a higher energy yield than conventional oil heating systems the jet inserts accelerate the hot flue gases which flow in from above and divert them at a right angle the hot gases strike the water-cooled heating surfaces perpendicularly at high speed thereby achieving maximum heat transmission rates with the multijet ® there is the option of allowing the return lines from the highand low-temperature circuits to in each case flow into the best location in the boiler this maintains a stable temperature layering in the boiler and offers consistent ideal conditions for condensation the condensation effect – and thus the efficiency of the condensing gas technology – increases by up to 6 ensuring lower consumption and therefore reduced heating costs conventional burners can adapt their output to the demand only by switching on and off as they are dimensioned according to the maximum required output they run in start-stop operation for the majority of the time in the multijet ® seven such jet stages are arranged one above the other saving space they cool the flow of flue gas from 1100°c down to 40°c so returning a large part of the valuable heat energy to the heat circuit – energy that escapes up the chimney in conventional installations the multijet ® uses a two-stage lownox burner which can adapt its output to requirements this considerably ­reduces energy-intensive burner start ups allowing the burner to run continually and thus spend longer in its optimum output range as well as an increased annual utilisation rate this produces a whole raft of advantages for the environment and for your pocket ▪▪ up to 3 improved efficiency ▪▪ reduced power consumption ▪▪ lower emissions ▪▪ low-noise operation ▪▪ reduced maintenance requirements suitable for all grades of kerosene heating oil and for biofuel the multijet ® is designed for all grades of light fuel oil this gives you more flexibility when purchasing fuel if an old heating system is being replaced there is no need to empty and clean the oil tanks in a time-consuming process 12 since the sulphur content of the remaining oil does not impair operation the multijet ® is also designed to work with biofuel thus the energy-saving multijet ® technology can be run on 100 renewable energy if desired.