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 and frugal in every respect simple installation and integration into any system rapid return on investment owing to the large water capacity the multijet ® does not need a minimum amount of circulating water nor minimum boiler return or flue gas temperatures with the multijet ® you save up to 15 of the energy costs compared to a low-temperature boiler this makes the system straightforward to integrate hydraulically in any existing heating system – an installation advantage that makes the multijet ® the preferred choice for renovations in addition because of the low circulation volume and high temperature difference between the flow and return lines there is no need for a primary pump this saves energy the modest additional investment for the jet technology and high-quality materials is quickly compensated by the lower operating costs savings are even more pronounced when replacing an existing heating system the multijet ® reduces fuel costs by up to ▪▪ 20 compared to a 20-year-old heating system ▪▪ 30 compared to a 40-year-old heating system or up to 40 when combined with a solar installation ideal for renovations with the multijet ® changing to a ­modern efficient condensing oil heating system is easy and financially attractive it takes up minimal space is easy to fit and integration into the existing system is straightforward as it is suitable for all grades of heating oil there is no need to empty the tank with the associated costs it is usually only the boiler that needs to be exchanged even upgrading the chimney becomes an inexpensive effortless affair with the multijet ® this is ensured by the special durable and easy-to-install plastic flue system that can be employed because of the low flue gas temperatures advantages at a glance secure investment the multijet is designed for long service life throughout this is particularly apparent in the details all components that come into contact with flue gases are made from high-alloy stainless steel and durable ­plastic ® this guarantees reliable protection against corrosion and helps maintain the value of your investment ▪▪ low consumption and minimum emissions ▪▪ straightforward integration into ­existing systems ▪▪ low space requirements ▪▪ easy installation ▪▪ suitable for all grades of kerosene heating oil ▪▪ no tank emptying required ▪▪ room-sealed operation possible ▪▪ straightforward chimney upgrade with special flue system 13