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ultraoil ® 16 - 80 and 110 - 6 00d maximum efficiency low emissions alufer ® heat exchanger for maximum efficiency two-stage low-nox oil burner for minimum ­emissions and high efficiency separate high and low-temperature returns for optimum condensation hoval alufer® and advanced condensing boiler technology two-stage burner for maximum efficiency and low emissions separate high and low-temperature returns for optimum condensation state-of-the-art condensing boiler technology with the internationally patented hoval alufer ® heat exchanger enables an additional heat recovery of 15  compared to a low-temperature boiler thus making the ultraoil ® an economical and highly efficient alternative conventional burners can adapt their output to the demand only by switching on and off as they are dimensioned according to the maximum required output they run in start-stop operation for the majority of the time with the ultraoil ® there is the option of allowing the return lines from the highand low-temperature circuits to in each case flow into the best location in the boiler this maintains a stable temperature layering in the boiler and offers consistent ideal conditions for condensation the condensation effect – and thus the efficiency of the condensing gas technology – increases by up to 6 this means lower consumption and thus lower heating costs the special fin design of the alufer heat exchanger results in a five times larger heat exchange surface this boosts the recovery of energy from flue gases and significantly increases efficiency additionally durable materials – aluminium on the inside and stainless steel on the outside – with excellent conductivity improve the transfer of heat energy to the boiler water ® low-emission operation with low-­sulphur light fuel oil the ultraoil ® was specifically designed to be run on the latest low-sulphur heating oil the sulphur content of this heating oil is on a par with that of natural gas and as a result sulphur emissions are almost non-existent this spares the environment and leads to a reduction in deposits in the heat exchanger thus keeping efficiency consistently high and maintenance requirements down 6 the ultraoil ® uses a two-stage lownox burner which can adapt its output to requirements this considerably reduces energy-intensive burner start ups allowing the burner to run continually and thereby spending longer in its optimum output range and lowering emissions as well as an increased annual utilisation rate this produces a whole raft of advantages for the environment and for your pocket ▪▪ up to 3 improved efficiency ▪▪ reduced power consumption ▪▪ lower emissions ▪▪ low noise level ▪▪ reduced maintenance requirements sophisticated design for simple low-cost maintenance there are many details that make the ultraoil ® particularly easy to maintain for example all components are easily accessible and can be cleaned effortlessly in case of failure they can be replaced quickly and at low cost one example of the sophisticated design in order to simplify inspection and maintenance of the burner in the ultraoil ® 16-80 the entire burner ­assembly can be conveniently pivoted out.