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hoval max-3 420-2700 ■■part n° control panel with heating regulator toptronic®t to hoval max-3 m part n° boiler controller toptronic®t/u3.1 max operating temperature 90°c operating pressure 4 bar uno-3 50-160,360 max-3 420-1250 operating pressure 5 bar uno-3 190-280 for mounting on top of boiler sideways change on site integrated control function for 1 mixing circuit 1 heating circuit without mixer domestic hot water loading circuit incl outdoor sensor flow sensor and calorifier sensor with plug option to expand the functions by different key modules and/or mounting of an additional heating regulator toptronic®t/n see accessories 6020 537 boiler controller toptronic®t/u3.2 max operating temperature 105°c operating pressure 3 bar uno-3 50-160 operating pressure 4 bar uno-3 190-360 max-3 420-1250 the boiler complies with the pressure equipment directive ped 97/23/ec request for corresponding boiler plate required functions like boiler controller toptronic®t/u3.1 delivery boiler controller separately delivered 6020 538 contact sensor vf204 can be used as flow or return flow sensor with 4 m cable 2023 998 t for indirect return high attitude return high attitude through closing of the heating circle mixer main pump necessary 64 subject to alterations 1.8.2013