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at a glance heat recovery reduces costs and protects the environment hoval plate heat exchangers are important elements in saving energy in industrial and commercial buildings such as hotels hospitals sports halls office buildings seminar rooms swimming pools drying processes paint spray booths and extraction plants they are used in air handling units ductwork systems and in process technology this investment pays off in several ways ■ lower energy consumption ■ lower investment for heat generation and distribution ■ less damage to the environment three designs hoval manufactures 2 designs to satisfy the technical demands on the exchanger package dimensions plate spacing rigidity the design selection depends on the air flowrate and the application ■ design s for normal applications in air handling installations with air flowrates up to about 50 000 m³/h no cross-contamination of the air streams in the hoval plate heat exchanger the warm

principle and operation 1.6  frost limit 1.7  temperature efficiency if the warm extract air stream is severely cooled down it is not only possible for condensation to form but also to freeze the fresh air temperature at which freezing starts is called the frost limit in practice this is rare as several factors must coincide ■ very low temperature of the fresh air stream ■ fresh air volume is greater than the extract air volume ■ high temperature efficiency of the exchanger ■ relatively little condensation ■ the condensation cannot drain away easily if several of these circumstances coincide the plate heat exchanger can ice up starting at the cold corner the hoval plate heat exchanger is not damaged but the pressure drop is increased and the air flowrate is reduced in extreme cases the whole exchanger can slowly ice up it is recommended to calculate the frost limit for each project with the hoval caser design program and to take necessary

structure 3  structure 3.2  exchanger package in design f hoval plate heat exchangers consist of the exchanger package and the casing sizing of the exchanger package plate size and plate spacing depends mainly on the air flowrate to achieve an optimum result with regard to temperature efficiency pressure drop and costs hoval manufactures different package designs ■ design s ■ design f 3.1  exchanger package in design s the exchanger package consists of specially formed aluminium plates their profile with v-shaped spacing ribs is an optimum design resulting from detailed tests for temperature efficiency pressure drop and rigidity the main advantages are ■ little dependency of the temperature efficiency on the air velocity ■ exact spacing between the plates through positive/negative stamping ■ high rigidity of the thin aluminium plates through the special arrangement of the vertical and horizontal ribs ■ the profiles are arranged

model range 4.5  plate spacing the plate spacing effects the surface area and thus the temperature efficiency the pressure drop and the price hoval offers several spacings for all sizes so that an optimum solution can be achieved for each project plate spacing design s 040 050 060 070 085 100 120 140 170 200 240 -a 2.3 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.5 3.2 2.0 2.0 – – -c – 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 – – 2.0 2.0 – – ad – – 2.5 – 3.0 – – – 3.0 – – -d 2.3 – 2.5 – 3.0 – – – 3.0 – – ar – – 3.0 3.2 3.9 – – 3.2 3.9 – – -r – – 3.0 3.2 3.9 2.5 3.2 3.2 3.9 2.5 3.2 as – – – – – 3.5 – – – 3.5 – ax – 3.2 – – 5.1 4.4 4.8 – 5.1 4.4 4.8 -x – 3.2 4.2 4.3 5.1 4.4 4.8 4.3 5.1 4.4 4.8 ay – – –

options 5.3  recirculation bypass a bypass with control dampers  opposed dampers in front of the bypass and exchanger face is installed in the plate heat exchanger one side wall of the bypass damper is replaced by the additional recirculation damper this arrangement is called recirculation bypass the width of the recirculation bypass is either made to specification or it is calculated with the caser design program so that pressure drop through the bypass roughly corresponds to pressure drop through the exchanger package the construction of the recirculation damper is the same as the control damper the recirculation bypass installed in the plate heat exchanger allows for ■ control of heat/cool recovery in fresh air operation ■ recirculation and mixed air operating modes control is effected via the control damper by means of an actuator the recirculation damper must be opposed to the fresh air and exhaust air dampers for this at least one further actuator is

application limits specification of materia 6  a  pplication limits specification of material 6.1  application limits design s f dampers series temperature width °c mm v g c d q 40… 90 t 40…200 v g c d q 40…100 t 40…200 v t g c d q 40… 80 200…4100 1 200…4100 2  50…4100 3 1 s-040 to s-060 partitioned delivery for widths 1400 mm s-070 to s-240 partitioned delivery for widths 2050 mm 2 partitioned delivery for widths 2200 mm 3 max blade width 1200 mm with larger dampers interim bearings are installed table 6:  application limits for hoval plate heat exchangers pressure drop should not exceed 250 pa for economical reasons recommended 150 200 pa 18 pressure difference pressure difference to outside pa pa max 2500 max 1500 max 1000 max 1000 max 2000 max 1500 max 1000 max 1000 max  500 max

exchanger dimensions design s exchanger size 040 050 060 070 085 100 120 140 170 200 240 height length h=l 367 467 567 690 840 990 1190 1380 1680 1980 2380 diagonal d 506 648 789 963 1175 1387 1670 1939 2363 2787 3353 a reinforcing section only for s-200 s-240 m m 50 b mm 00 mm 4 1 b x 0 ma 205 60 max 0 s 40 040 s-2 s 070 sb detail a exchanger sizes 040 050 060 detail a exchanger sizes 070 085 100 120 140 170 200 240 h=l 20 h=l 12 d table 8:  dimensions of exchangers without bypass design s in mm 22 .7 damper contact surface 12 d 5.5 12 .7 damper contact surface 28.5 46 19.5 37

exchanger dimensions side bypass and dampers bsk design s 040 050 060 070 design f 100 120 140 160 085 middle bypass and dampers bmk 100 120 040 050 060 070 100 120 140 160 bs b 085 100 120 b bm design s 140 170 140 170 b b bs bm design s 200 240 200 240 design f 200 240 200 240 b b b bs b bm table 11:  dimensional drawings for exchangers with bypass and dampers in mm

system design 9.4  cost-effective design 9.9  dirt build-up select the most economical type regarding temperature efficiency and/or plate spacing the following rules apply ■ long periods of operation e.g 3 operating shifts → high temperature efficiency ■ long life span of unit → high temperature efficiency ■ high extract air humidity and thus improved temperature efficiency through condensation → medium large or very large plate spacing ■ high dirt hazard → large or very large plate spacing when using plate heat exchangers in process technology ascertain whether the heat recovery figure is limited due to supply air temperature the optimum plate heat exchanger selection can only be based on an economic calculation in normal air handling equipment the air streams are cleaned mostly by coarse dust filters therefore there is no dirt hazard for the plate heat exchanger but if this is expected in

specification text 12  specification texts hoval cross-flow plate heat exchanger for heat recovery consisting of exchanger package and casing the exchanger package consists of aluminium plates with pressed-in spacers condensate drainage is possible in every direction the plates are connected by a fold which gives a severalfold material thickness at air entry and exit the corners of the exchanger package are sealed into especially rigid aluminium extrusions in the casing with a sealing compound the side walls of aluzinc sheet steel are bolted tightly to these extrusions all performance data is certified by eurovent and rlt tÜv süd dry temperature efficiencies up to 80  can be achieved the exchangers are resistant to up to 2500 pa pressure difference between the air streams a hygiene certificate of ilh berlin institution of air hygiene confirms the exchangers suitability for use in general air handling systems as well as in hospitals options ■ a side or middle

hoval plate heat exchangers subject to technical changes part no 4 213 604 – edition 04 / 2015 © hoval aktiengesellschaft liechtenstein 2012 responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally known as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions more than 65 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional solutions and technically advanced equipment maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our commitment and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and ventilation systems that are exported to over 50 countries worldwide hoval heating technology as a full range supplier hoval helps its customers to select innovative system solutions for a wide range of energy sources such as heat pumps biomass solar energy gas oil and district heating services range from small