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principle and operation 1  principle and operation hoval rotary heat exchangers are regenerators with rotating heat accumulators category 3 in accordance with the guidelines for heat recovery e.g vdi 2071 the heat-dissipating and heat-absorbing air flows heat or cool the rotating air-permeable storage accumulator depending on the air conditions and the surface of the accumulator material humidity may also be transferred in the process supply and exhaust air must therefore be brought together and flow through the heat exchanger the storage mass consists of triangular axially arranged small ducts made of thin metal foil the depth of the storage mass viewed in the direction air flow is generally 200 mm the airway height is normally 1.4 – 1.9 mm depending on the application with these dimensions the storage mass generates a laminar flow in the wheel ducts fresh air t21 x21 supply air t22 x22 exhaust air t12 x12 extract air t11 x11 fig 1:  function diagram

principle and operation there are 3 different designs 1.3  leakage of rotary heat exchangers condensation wheel the storage mass consists of smooth untreated aluminium which only transmits humidity if condensation occurs on the warm-air side and it is picked up by the cold air partially humidity efficiency rates greater than 80 can be reached if the temperature difference is high the use of condensation wheels for heat and humidity transmission is recommended primarily for ventilation systems without mechanical cooling i.e for winter operation rotary heat exchangers transfer heat and humidity via a rotating storage mass that alternates between the exhaust air and supply air flows this functional principle delivers extremely efficient energy recovery but it does also entail a certain leakage the exhaust air and supply air flows cannot be completely separated from one another the seals are not able to withstand the existing differential pressure with 100 percent

performance control 2  performance control 1.9  reliable data hoval rotary heat exchangers are always tested by independent test organisations e.g at the building technology testing laboratory of the university of lucerne all technical data are based on these measurements this means that they are reliable data for planners installers and operators the hoval rotary heat exchanger always operates as a temperature rectifier between the two air streams the flow direction of the heat is irrelevant in this context i.e depending on the temperature gradients between extract air and fresh air either heat or cold is harvested therefore regulation of the output of the hoval rotary heat exchanger is not necessary if the extract air temperature is identical to the setpoint temperature in this case the fresh air is always either heated or cooled in the direction of the set temperature by the heat exchanger however in most cases there are heat sources in the ventilated rooms people

structure 3.3  peripheral slide seal 3.4  transverse seal high tightness seal ■ in rotary heat exchangers with sheet-metal casing automatically adjustable constant-force springs are mounted on the wheel mantle they press the abrasion-resistant slide seal against the casing the patented system permanently minimises leakage and allows the unit to be sized for smaller air flow rates ■ in the profile casing a ring seal with externally accessible double springs is used they press the seal to the casing and to the wheel basic tightness seal ■ in rotary heat exchangers with sheet-metal casing sealing strips are mounted on the wheel mantle e.g brushes these guarantee the minimal sealing effect for the air flows that is usual for devices on the market fig 14:  high tightness seal fig 15:  peripheral slide seal in profile casing fig 16:  basic tightness seal 10 the transverse seal between the two air streams consists of adjustable aluzinc

options 4.2  control unit structure a frequency converter with a modular design is used as the control unit it can adjust the speed of three-phase motors infinitely protection rating ip 54 is required for installation in the ventilation unit the power unit is protected from undervoltage overvoltage or non-approved converter temperature the aluminium casing and the standard input and output filters increase the immunity to interference error messages can be read out directly at a flashing led the control unit is delivered ready for operation with the factory-set parameters various settings can be changed with an optionally available operating unit function ■ the control unit can be used for condensation enthalpy and sorption wheels that require speed control all standard control signals are accepted ■ a quadratic standard or linear implementation of the setpoint into the rotary field frequency based on the maximum frequency of the selected parameter set is used

options 4.3  operating unit 4.6  purge sector the control unit settings can be customised with the operating unit parameters can be configured quickly and easily with the lcd graphical display the menu structure in german or english and the parameters displayed in plain text when correctly laid out the purge sector reduces the transmission of extract air to the supply air the size can be configured individually to reduce the purge and energy loss to a minimum instructions for the optimum settings can be found in section 7.6 using and setting the purge sector factory setting 3° fresh air exhaust air fig 18:  operating unit fig 19:  purge sector 4.4  rotational speed monitoring 4.7  duct design the speed of rotation of the wheel can be monitored with an inductive sensor stoppages e.g caused by a broken v-belt can be detected quickly and the cause can be corrected the side walls of the casings in hoval rotary heat exchangers with ducts are

unit type reference a v a 1 0600 1.4 a0680b0680 s001 a1 rn b d sr i3 k ax1234bx1234 drive without drive a drive controllable y drive for constant speed of rotation direct drive from mains power 1…3 specifies the position control unit without control unit rn control unit supplied uninstalled operating unit without operating unit b operating unit in german o operating unit in english rotational speed monitoring without rotational speed monitoring d rotational speed monitoring purge sector without purge sector sr purge sector mounted in position for clockwise direction of rotation sl purge sector mounted in position for anticlockwise direction of rotation sn purge sector supplied uninstalled inspection cover without inspection cover i inspection cover 1…3 specifies the position casing model standard k duct design c coated casing offset standard ax distance of casing edge to wheel axle in dimension a bx distance of casing edge to wheel axle in

system design 7.5  performance control check which internal heat sources are available in the hall if the extract air temperature is expected to be significantly higher than the set value speed control should be planned the required purge pressure Δpp depends on the layout of the fans Δpp psupply air – pexhaust air Δpp pfresh air – pextract air both fans suction side a minimum purge pressure of 100 pa is required 7.6  using and setting the purge sector the purge sector reduces transmission of extract air to supply air it virtually bypasses the fresh air through the wheel to the exhaust air to avoid deterioration of the temperature efficiency the purge sector must not be too large the size of the purge sector in hoval rotary heat exchangers can be individually adjusted to reduce the energy loss to a minimum the optimum size of the purge sector depends on ■ the wheel type ■ the existing purge pressure ■ the airway height of

commissioning and maintenance 8.4  electrical installation constant drive the drive motor is electrically connected at the factory in y-circuit the motor must be correctly fused the direction of rotation can be reversed by exchanging the phases 9  commissioning and maintenance 9.1  commissioning the installation manual for segmented wheels can be downloaded from the internet to ensure correct function the installation supervision by a hoval technician or an authorised supplied is recommended ■ check the correct direction of rotation of the wheel it is marked by arrows on the casing ■ check the function of the control unit ■ ensure that the air streams of the rotary heat exchanger can flow through without obstacles ■ check that the installation is correct and whether application limits temperatures differential pressure material etc could be exceeded ■ check the tension of the drive belt and the fastening of the motor ■ inspect

specification text 10.3  sorption wheel rotary heat exchanger for heat and humidity transmission consisting of wheel and casing suitable for optimum dimensioning in accordance with vdi directive 3803 page 5 wheel the storage mass consists of corrugated and smooth corrosion-resistant aluminium foil with highly effective sorption coating for humidity transmission silica gel is used as sorption material ensuring ideal humidity transmission the result is small axially arranged smooth ducts for laminar flow of air the outside of the storage mass is supported by the wheel mantle the hub is inside with the permanently lubricated maintenance-free roller bearings and the axle the wheel is permanently stabilised by internal spokes between the wheel mantle and hub casing ■ sheet-metal casing for one-piece wheels self-supporting construction of aluzinc sheet steel suitable for installation in ventilation units the automatically adjusted abrasion-resistant slide seal with

hoval rotary heat exchangers subject to technical changes part no 4 213 602 – edition 01 / 2015 © hoval aktiengesellschaft liechtenstein 2011 responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally known as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions more than 65 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional solutions and technically advanced equipment maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our commitment and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and ventilation systems that are exported to over 50 countries worldwide hoval heating technology as a full range supplier hoval helps its customers to select innovative system solutions for a wide range of energy sources such as heat pumps biomass solar energy gas oil and district heating services range from small