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1 system solution for data centres energy-efficient air conditioning with serveline cool it smart – the modern solution for data-centre

the most compact system of its kind hoval serveline air-conditions data centres and has minimum space requirements stand-alone compact units contain all components necessary to provide highly efficient cooling for the it environment what’s more they can be linked seamlessly so that the total output of the system can be scaled enormous space savings serveline uses the interaction of different resources to cool the it environment with minimal energy consumption ■ indirect free cooling with fresh air ■ indirect adiabatic cooling ■ mechanical cooling via cooling coil all components for generating and distributing cooling energy and for treating air are particularly space-saving in standalone servecool compact units each with an installation area of 11 m² and if you include the maintenance area too the space required is just 14 m² per unit only the cold-water production for covering load peaks is supplied separately simply more compact a comparison with a

incredibly easy to maintain hoval serveline is incredibly easy for the operator to maintain maintenance-relevant components are easily accessible wear parts are commercially available and no special tools are required all of this avoids unnecessarily high service and maintenance costs easily accessible the sophisticated servecool compact unit design ensures that maintenance can be carried out quickly and efficiently maintenance-relevant components such as the filter spray nozzles and actuators can easily be accessed directly via the large service hatch no dismantling necessary communication via web browser the control box with the integrated control system is easy to access from the front the software can be accessed on site directly via a lan cable and a standard unit with any browser robust structure only high-quality components are installed in the compact units the plate heat exchangers in this design for example are used in even the harshest conditions on offshore wind farms the

the big advantage of free cooling hoval serveline is setting standards with regard to using fresh air for free cooling the high efficiency of the plate heat exchangers and the innovative condensation prevention system make this possible cooling is performed with nothing but fresh air for over 90 of the operating time ultra-high efficiency serveline cools indirectly with high huge energy savings in the example below a comparison of the annual curve of serveline with that of a conventional cooling system clearly shows the huge potential for savings â–  serveline reaches its full cooling capacity using only indirect free cooling up to a temperature spread of 3 k between fresh air and supply air â–  serveline only runs in mixed mode with free adiabatic and mechanical cooling when the temperature and humidity values of the fresh air are high â–  depending on location the proportion of cooling via cooling coil is so low that in applications where slightly increased temperatures

reliable planning with seca the serveline efficiency calculator seca quickly and reliably calculates the annual curve of hoval serveline for any location the calculation is based on certified measured values and fine-grained weather data meaning that it provides maximum planning reliability percenta hours running ge of oper ation in each cool ing freecooling hours running mode swpmode in adiaba servecool 8057 hours operation tic mode annual running in h/a mixed in mode serveline broschüre hässner 20.05.2016 project title arranged by date 698 h/a 11 h/a zone 12 mannheim 0.15 €/kwh 9 €/m3 location electriciy price di water price 36 °c 24 °c 7.6 g/kg 7.6 g/kg 500 kw return supply air temperature return air humidity summer winter cooling load max cooling capacity per unit number of units cooling capacity per unit 6 units running adiab atic and mecha percentage nical cooling of operation in each cooli ng mode climate data according vdi4710 guideline 8 057

cool it smart hoval serveline cools the it infrastructure with minimum space economical air conditioning with minimum space requirements requirements and extreme energy efficiency the system makes use of indirect free cooling with fresh air in combination with adiabatic and mechanical cooling thanks to the high efficiency easy to use incredibly easy maintenance of the heat exchangers and a sophisticated condensation prevention system hoval serveline uses free cooling much ecological advanced use of free fresh air cooling more intensively than comparable systems the result of this is an intelligent cooling solution that guarantees operators of data centres the lowest total cost of ownership and maximum sophisticated maximum design reliability with certified data reliability servecool features supply air fan 3 high-efficiency ec fans maintenance-free with direct drive exhaust air fan 3 high-efficiency ec fans maintenance-free with direct drive extract air filter class g4 or m5 control

systematically saving energy operators of data centres today are responsible for significantly reducing the energy requirements of it infrastructure the international company e-shelter colocation gmbh is meeting this challenge the company has set up a new data centre in rüsselsheim in the mw range but the energy consumption is significantly lower than that of comparable systems for air conditioning e-shelter is using the solution developed in cooperation with hoval facts e-shelter data centre frankfurt 3 ■ 3 suites with a cooling capacity of 1 mw ■ 9 servecool compact units are installed in every suite ■ performance tested by tÜv ■ more than 83 of the total operating time is exclusively indirect free cooling intelligent cooling solution in the e-shelter data centre frankfurt 3 hoval serveline uses fresh air throughout the year to condition the environment of the hightech servers it cools indirectly using plate heat exchangers meaning that the server

responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally known as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions more than 70 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional solutions and technically advanced equipment maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our commitment and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and ventilation systems that are exported to over 50 countries worldwide hoval heating technology as a full range supplier hoval helps its customers to select innovative system solutions for a wide range of energy sources such as heat pumps biomass solar energy gas oil and district heating services range from small commercial to large-scale industrial projects international hoval aktiengesellschaft austrasse 70 9490 vaduz liechtenstein tel +423 399 24 00