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responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally recognised as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions around 70 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional ­solutions and technically superior equipment maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our conviction and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and climate control systems that are exported to over 50 ­countries worldwide hoval indoor climate systems indoor climate systems ensure top air quality and economical usability hoval has been installing decentralised systems for many years the key to its work is using combinations of multiple air conditioning units even those of different types that can be controlled individually but also together as a single system this enables hoval to respond flexibly to a wide range of requirements for heating cooling and ventilation design support from experts take advantage of the expertise of our experienced specialists we will be happy to support you throughout all project phases when designing your system working in close cooperation with you and taking into account all the specifications of the energy supplier we develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution for you hoval service expertise hoval systems are professionally commissioned by specially trained and experienced hoval service technicians ensuring that the systems will operate perfectly from day one ­maintenance and troubleshooting are performed on-site by an expert customer service team your hoval partner hoval group switzerland hoval ag 8706 feldmeilen zh austria hoval gesellschaft m.b.h 4614 marchtrenk germany hoval gmbh 85609 aschheim-dornach united kingdom hoval ltd newark notts ng 24 1jn italy hoval s.r.l 24050 zanica bg france hoval sas 67118 geispolsheim denmark hoval a/s 8660 skanderborg bulgaria hoval corporation branch bulgaria 1797 sofia croatia hoval d.o.o 10 000 zagreb czech republic hoval spol s r.o 312  04 plzeñ poland hoval sp z o.o 62-002 suchy las romania hoval s.r.l voluntari 077190 slovakia hoval sk spol s r.o 04001 košice china hoval ltd 100016 beijing p.r china singapore hoval corporation singapore 187966 hoval aktiengesellschaft austrasse 70 9490 vaduz liechtenstein 01/2016 subject to technical changes typesetting and printing errors solutions you can rely on.