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earth and ground water heat pumps thermalia ® advantages at a glance ecological economical 20 energy input for 100 heat output use of ecological ­environmental energy ▪▪ excellent energy efficiency cop due to innovative technology ▪▪ 80 clean environmental energy from 20 electricity ▪▪ consistently high efficiency by utilising energy from the earth or from ground water ▪▪ ecological energy obtained from geothermal resources or ground water ▪▪ savings in energy costs due to highly efficient pumps types up to 17 kw ▪▪ co2-neutral and particularly environmentally friendly when used in conjunction with green electricity ▪▪ energy consumption indicator for permanent cost control ▪▪ simple adjustment of operating times facilitates energy-conscious heating sophisticated complete and flexible ▪▪ fast installation due to complete ready-to-fit systems types 5–17 ▪▪ 2 output levels for optimum operation as of type 20 ▪▪ modulating output thermalia® compact m ▪▪ smartphone -app for easy adjustability whilst you’re on the road ­ and receiving system messages in real time ▪▪ the latest interface standards for connection to building automation or expected smart grids 4 easy to use high thermal comfort quiet operation ▪▪ high thermal comfort due to its predicting the future outside temperature and sunlight using an online weather forecast ▪▪ pleasant quiet running due to low-noise 3-bearing construction ▪▪ can be used for heating and domestic hot water ▪▪ easily combined with solar installations for even greater eco-balance ▪▪ optional passive cooling function on all models provides cost-effective cooling