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thermalia ® energy for heating from the earth and ground water by improving numerous details the developers at hoval have once again substantially increased the cost-effec­ tive­ness of thermalia® models the thermalia® generates flow tem­pera­ tures of 60 to 62 °c whilst in the h design temperatures can even reach 67 °c this makes it suitable for operation with conventional radiators which is important in the renovation of old buildings or the upgrade of heating ­systems evaporation with energy from external environment release of heat energy by condensation pressi on com poration eva 80 compression with electric energy ndensation co thermalia® uses natural heat from the subsurface using electricity as the drive energy the thermalia® generates valuable energy for room and water heating 1 kilowatt of electricity can produce 4.5 to 6.6 kilowatts of heat the heat pump principle thermal heat from free ambient energy 20 thermal heat that comes from the subsurface ex p 100 a n si o n heat pumps generate the thermal heat from free ambient energy by means of a 4-stage cycle 1 the refrigerant in the heat pump is caused to evaporate the huge amount of energy required for this purpose is obtained from the ambient energy air ground water 2 the refrigerant vapour is heated to a higher temperature by compressing it in a compressor electrical energy is used to drive the compressor 3 the heated refrigerant vapour condenses becomes liquid and releases the energy stored inside it 80 “evaporation energy” + 20  drive energy in the form of heat to the heating system 4 the refrigerant is expanded and the cycle begins again this example relates to a cop of 5 i.e 1 part 20 electrical energy generates 5 parts 100 heating energy top marks for cost-effectiveness compact complete robust silent thermalia® earth and ground water heat pumps have verified aboveaverage cop values of between 4.5 and 6.6 behind the enhanced efficiency lies an entire range of technological developments in the control system hydraulics and cooling circuit components that are perfectly aligned with one another combined with the use of large heat exchangers means that more heat is obtained from the electrical energy used the high-quality robust frame casing of the thermalia® comfort conceals all the technical components required for smooth economical and safe operation the ready-to-connect fully equipped compact device is simple to transport and easy to install the structure of thermalia® comfort and thermalia® twin models has been completely re-designed instead of having feet the devices now stand on anti-vibration rubber mats the soundproofed 3-bearing construction guarantees pleasant quiet running the high-quality sound and heat insulation lining further reduces sound emissions whilst also preventing heat loss high-temperature versions for use with radiators high-efficiency energy-saving pumps the thermalia®  comfort h twin h and dual h high-temperature versions are the ideal heat pumps for water heating and room heating using radiators the thermalia® 6 - 17 models and the thermalia® compact m are fitted with high-efficiency rpm-­regulated circulation pumps this significantly reduces the energy consumption thereby increasing the cost-­effective­ ness of your thermalia® system 6