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condensing flue gas heat exchanger thermocondensor alufer® maximum energy savings by condensing technology for large performance

thermocondensor alufer® advantages at a glance with this flue gas heat exchanger you obtain the highest energy efficiency ­for all ­conventional boilers energy is lost through the chimney with the thermocondensor alufer® this energy is not lost in addition a significant improvement in boiler efficiency is noted due the ability of full flue gas condensation economical ecological lower operating costs • up to 20  additional energy saving • lower operating costs due to reduced energy consumption through alufer® condensing technology • lower installation costs no additional pump is required due to the low hydraulic resistance with full system water flowing through the thermocondensor lower emissions • reduced energy consumption due to optimised use of the flue gas heat energy • less emissions due to reduced energy consumption leads to less environmental polution easy to use clever simple and flexible installation • simple and

thermocondensor alufer® highest efficiency for each heating boiler up to 20 additional energy saving the hoval thermocondensor alufer® offers an optimised option for the heating boiler range with the additional flue gas heat exchanger you gain highest energy utilisation the hoval thermocondensor alufer® allows the most modern flue gas condensing while you loose energy with conventional boilers through the chimney as flue gas losses you gain energy with the ­thermocondensor alufer® furthermore the boilers total efficiency will be improved installation example 3 thermocondensor alufer® 1100 at julius blum gmbh in fussach a 26.0 25.0 300°c boiler with flue gas temperature °c 24.0 280°c 23.0 energy savings 22.0 up to 15  additional energy saving for the hoval max-3 boiler range 260°c 21.0 20.0 240°c 19.0 220°c 18.0 17.0 200°c 16.0 15.0 180°c 14.0 160°c 13.0 12.0 11.0 10.0 9.0 8.0 7.0 6.0 5.0 4.0 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 return

thermocondensor alufer® additional efficiency through flue gas condensing – for boilers with 450 to 3200 kw m3 gas per year 450000 an investment that pays off 400000 17 350000 23 300000 250000 200000 150000 100000 possible additional investment costs are quickly amortised by the high degree of efficiency in comparison with conventional boilers these possible additional investment costs bring significant added benefits which become your profit a profit that is ultimately reflected in your bottom line 50000 0 max-3 tcaf 2000 conventional boiler conventional boiler 20 years old

thermocondensor alufer® maximum energy savings by using the condensing technology flue gas inlet from boiler flue gas outlet to chimney heating water outlet return to boiler control heating water inlet return from installation technical data thermocondensor alufer ®  alufer® heat exchanger nominal output kw water content l length mm width mm height mm weight casing incl kg 450 450 99 1140 688 1682 302 650 650 208 1454 798 1831 477 950 950 179 1454 798 1831 527 1050 1500 239 1575 978 1908 989 2000 2000 325 1575 978 2208 1196 2600 2600 321 1761 1158 1970 1266 3200 3200 436 1761 1158 2270 1582 subject to change without notice

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