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industrial heating boiler titan-3 lt high output high efficiency and fast return on investment for industrial applications hospitals and district heating

titan-3 lt advantages at a glance our products represent the technological state-of-the-art and our innovative solutions offer ­extremely low energy consumption in keeping with our motto “responsibility for energy and environment” economical ecological cost effectiveness lowest emissions ▪▪ cost-efficient solution due to low investment costs ▪▪ environment friendly due to lowest noxious emission ▪▪ best effectiveness due to water cooled flame tube rear wall ▪▪ outstanding emissions values due to power adjustment modulation of lownox burners ▪▪ high efficiency and energy saving due to smooth heating surfaces ▪▪ low co2 emissions due to minimal consumption ▪▪ low fuel consumption due to special calculated heat transfer areas resulting in high boiler efficiency easy to use sophisticated simple maintenance ▪▪ easy to use due to intelligent design details ▪▪ convenient

titan-3 lt economical efficient and low emissions durability return water distribution the return water from the heating system is led directly into the warm area of the boiler by a special water distribution box because of the special return inlet the cold water is guided through the complete water content of the boiler – this ensures a very good mixture inside the boiler water and protects the boiler against cold or hot water zones the water collection box below the hot water outlet nozzle of the boiler is designed with inlet openings on one side only – this results in an additional increase of the water mixture inside the boiler due to “spiral” water flow inside the boiler shell water distribution box left and water collection box right minimal emissions during all operating conditions this is achieved by an optimum heating surface geometry and flame tube dimensions which comply with the latest directives a 3-pass firing sequence guarantees extremely

titan-3 lt simple maintanance for a long service life flow with water collection box and return water distribution ensure a very good mixture inside the boiler water and protects the ­boiler against cold or hot water ­zones large boiler doors provides easy access for cleaning of the second and third pass the boiler doors can be easily opened by the special hinge construction to the left and right the boiler doors with a thermal insulation help to reduce the calorific losses of the boiler to a ­minimum technical data titan-3 lt type highly effective thermal insulation with aluminium cladding reduces the standby losses to a minimum and contributes to highest economy heating surface the smooth flue gas tubes without any turbulators reduce the exhaust gas losses and make an easy and fast cleaning possible for an economical operation water cooled back wall the completely water cooled turning chamber of the first to the second pass secure a maximum utilisation of the combustion

titan-3 lt industrial heating boiler for oil and gas firing figure titan-3 lt hoval system solutions with the titan-3 lt following hoval boilers and the modul-plus carofier can be easily combined with the titan-3 lt to form a highly ­efficient hoval system solution ultragas® gas condensing boilers 125–2000 kw compactgas high efficiency gas boiler 700–2800 kw max-3 3-pass oil/gas boilers 420–3000 kw modul-plus high-capacity calorifier up to 17 500

solutions you can rely on responsibility for energy and environment the hoval brand is internationally recognised as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions around 70 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional ­solutions and technically superior equipment maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our conviction and our incentive hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and climate control systems that are exported to over 50 ­countries worldwide clever and complete solutions from a single source consistent hoval system technology simplifies the links between different technologies and establishes a reliable ­platform for efficient and dependable solutions with us you can easily incorporate solar or biomass energy solutions into your heating system hoval – everything you need from one source planning